I believe this could be the biggest catalyst cannabis investments have ever seen…

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Total cannabis legalization in the United States is approaching – fast.

In just two weeks’ time, voters in five states will see cannabis reform on their ballots:

New Jersey, Arizona, and Montana will see recreational initiatives.

Mississippi will see a medical initiative.

South Dakota will be voting on both.

And I couldn’t be more excited to see the results of this potentially historic “Green Rush.”

Because despite their political and geographic differences, the voters in each of these states have shown that they’re more than ready to pass their respective legalization measures on November 3:

The writing on the wall can no longer be ignored.

The American people are demanding access to legal cannabis in record numbers.

And by investing now, you are in the prime position to take advantage of what I believe could be the biggest catalyst the cannabis market has ever seen…

This Green Rush Is Headed Your Way Fast

Support for cannabis legalization is at a historic high, with a remarkable 66% of American adults in favor of making this powerful plant legal, according to the most recent poll numbers from Gallup.

Now, Colorado is adding to this already unstoppable momentum, with Gov. Jared Polis‘s (D-CO) recent decision to pardon over 2,700 marijuana offenders sentenced before legalization.

As one of the first two states to pass recreational legalization in 2012, Colorado has been a clear leader of the pro-cannabis movement. But that doesn’t mean that this move should be dismissed as a radical outlier.

Rather, I see it as a sign of broader things to come as society starts to believe that people convicted of non-violent marijuana crimes are not criminals deserving of punishment.

If history is any indication, other states will soon follow Colorado’s lead.

The overwhelming pressure we see now will inevitably lead to federal legalization.

And I believe that is going to be the biggest catalyst that cannabis investments have ever seen…

One that could create life-changing wealth for you as gains for the best cannabis stocks skyrocket past their already incredible potential.

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Cheers and good investing,

Michael A. Robinson
Director of Venture Capital and Technology Research, Money Morning


4 responses to “We’re Just Weeks Away From a Historic Cannabis Breakthrough”

  1. I have be following your recommendations since 2017 with your Nova-X Report, The Roadmap To Marijuana Millions. I am now a member of NICI and position myself for the November elections. Thank you Mr. Robinson for all your hard work, you helped me to get 200% returns on my Canadian stocks back in 2017 before California started adult use in 2018. Thanks again and be safe!

  2. As an avid reader of Money Morning and everything I find in NICI, and several other publications, I have great respect for the work you do for all of us interested in investing in MJ and using it legally too! Can you please speak to what you see happening in Florida, and the timeline we might expect to see parts of the laws changing and when?

    Thank you so much.

  3. Federally have they or will they reclassify cannabis status allowing legal access federally which the way things are gois it not time. Feds are Usually slow but when seems a need and demand, this time seems to be now vs leaving profits to the cartels etc.

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