One startup, one powerful mission, and one chance at 20X returns…

By the age of five, my daughter Grace was skiing the black diamond runs on Mt. Hood.

We nicknamed her “Tenacious G.”

And if you saw her fly over a bike ramp in her frilly pink bathing suit like I did years ago, you’d understand why.

Grace is 16 now, but she’s still the unstoppable Tenacious G.

Like any parent, I cherish these memories and am thrilled she leads such a fulfilling and active life.

Unfortunately, not all children had the same experience as my daughter. Severe medical conditions have kept scores of kids from living their lives to the fullest. And their parents never get the joy of sharing a full journey with their children from boundless kid to young adult.

Thankfully, today, these families have more hope than ever.

Countless kids with rare forms of epilepsy are getting the chance at normal childhoods, thanks to GW Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: GWPH) receiving Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the world’s first pharmaceutical-grade CBD drug, Epidiolex.

The company generated $296 million in its first year of Epidiolex sales and is now on track to sell $500 million this year.

It’s the perfect example of a company that’s doing well while doing good.

I also know a doctor who has spent the last 11 years working tirelessly to give children afflicted with severe medical conditions the chance to live active, happy lives for the first time ever.

And he’s doing it by tapping into the remarkable – and profitable – healing powers of cannabis…

From Cannabis Trailblazer to Biotech Startup in 11 Years

The doctor I want to tell you about today is the very definition of a medical pioneer.

His work brought CBD into the spotlight in the United States. He even turned CNN‘s Dr. Sanjay Gupta from “canna-skeptic” to “canna-fan.”

That’s because, since 2009, he has treated over 25,000 patients with cannabis-based therapies. But it was his first patient, a five-year-old girl with seizures so severe her doctors wanted to prescribe her horse tranquilizers, that brings us here today.

This doctor was able to use the power of cannabis to give this child, and her parents, their lives back.

And he’s using the vast database of powerful cannabis-based treatments collected for over a decade to launch a new cannabis startup that could once again revolutionize how we think about medical cannabis – and make you a lot of money.

But due to the highly sensitive nature of this endeavor, his team has to keep this investing group extremely close-knit. So close-knit, in fact, that you need a personalized passcode to join.

To find out how you can claim your unique passcode, just click here.

You’ll join in right alongside this cannabis pioneer in his venture, where you’ll find an outstanding team of seasoned biotech executives working to bring those treatments to market.

A Cannabis Pharmaceutical Dream Team

This leadership team possesses deep pharmaceutical development experience, intellectual property protection know-how, and hundreds of clinical trials under its belt.

The CEO already has two billion-dollar-plus pharma companies to his credit.

Needless to say, this venture isn’t this team’s first biotech rodeo. Far from it.

The company carries a $40 million price tag to match the impressive data set its founder has compiled. This veritable gold mine of data is so comprehensive that some of the treatments contained within could speed through clinical trials, potentially hitting the market by this time next year.

And because this startup’s leading drug candidates target rare and currently untreatable conditions, merely getting FDA approval to run the trials could drive the company’s value from $40 million to $1 billion.

That would make for a 10 to 20-fold leap in the value of your investment as soon as next year.

And they want you to join them.

You’ll just need a special passcode to access the details on this ground floor opportunity.

Click here to learn how to claim yours.

Take care,

Don Yocham
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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