In cannabis, the ground floor investment opportunities are yours for the taking…

Right now, there are over 7,800 cannabis brands in the United States and just as many dispensaries. (With Oklahoma issuing licenses for 7,000 cannabis businesses when it went legal, even that might be a conservative estimate.)

And when you consider the fact that 216 of the 300-plus publicly traded cannabis companies tracked in our NICILytics database fetch market caps less than $50 million, one thing becomes clear…

Whether public or private, most cannabis companies are still early-phase ventures.

Cannabis is indeed a land of 1001 Startups Times 10.

Now, that’s not to say cannabis doesn’t have its big dogs. But apart from a few major Canadian licensed producers (LPs), American multistate operators (MSOs), and one pharmaceutical company, most are just starting up.

From local dispensaries, small-batch growers, and upstart brands – plus all the pick-and-shovel players selling to those plant-touching companies – you have thousands of opportunities to invest on the ground floor.

With so many available to you, evaluating all of them can present quite the challenge.

But when one comes your way, you need to know what you’re looking for…

The #1 “Must-Have” for a Startup Investment

The single most important “must-have” for a startup is leadership. It’s the secret to success.

Leadership makes or breaks the company. Because no matter how brilliant the plan, no matter how tremendous the opportunity, poor management will drive a business down quicker than the Titanic.

A great leader, on the other hand, can make the most out of almost anything. No business plan survives intense competition intact. And strong management knows how to step up to challenges.

That’s exactly the case with Dr. Alan Shackelford‘s startup that recently went live – Shackelford Pharmaceuticals Inc. Before joining the team, CEO Mark Godsy had already turned several small startups into billion-dollar companies. Head of Regulatory Affairs, Dr. Avi Livnat, already had decades of experience in clinical trials under his belt. And Geoff Griffiths, Director of Commercialization, had already helped bring Humira – one of the world’s most profitable drugs ever – to market.

It’d be difficult, if not impossible, to find a team so well suited to grow into the cannabis industry’s next pharma giant. To find out how you can take a ground floor stake before that happens, though, just click here.

Meet the Leader of Another Up-and-Coming Cannabis Startup

This is why bringing you inside these cannabis companies is so important, so you can see these conversations with the executives driving the future of cannabis. I want you to know how tight the plan is, and how focused the CEO is on the job at hand.

That way, you can understand and identify what it takes to navigate the incredible opportunities that cannabis tees up every single day.

So, check out my latest conversation with another formidable leader, Andrea Brooks. She’s the CEO of a startup called Sava. And she’s on a mission to get the products of small cannabis businesses she believes in onto the front steps of women all across California.

Take care,

Don Yocham
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


11 responses to “Endless Opportunities Await You in the Land of 1001 Cannabis Startups”

  1. Can you advise me of a good site/brokerage to buy your recommendation.. I’m based in New Zealand and the options are limited.
    Thanks Mike

  2. Hello Don,
    I am new to the investing world of Cannabis, i have been reading your write ups since i joined and i am interested in buying some of your recommendations. I already have an account with ally bank but on trying to buy, it charged me $50 for foreign settlement fee + 4.95 for commission fee and 0.01cent per share, and the shares amount has to be >$100+ for all the shares ending with F. So i haven’t invested yet, is there any other brokerage platform you can recommend that is cheaper or is this the norm for all the stocks that ends with F?

  3. I also have an account with Ally, looking for a different platform. Could you please help us with a better platform? Upon trying to buy some shares of jushi, through Ally you practically have to give up your first born child and your left arm…. im not currently willing to do that just yet… lol..

    • Fidelity! No trade fees, no minimum to open acct. Great phone service US Mail if desired. Full spectrum website and easy to use. Been with F. 6 months.

  4. I invested in Shackelford. Can you give me any information on them or tell me where I can get the information?

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