Three reasons in three minutes that prove you should be investing in cannabis right now…

It’s already been a hectic week for me, which is something I’m sure you understand well.

But today, I’m excited.

I’m headed to a barbeque to unwind, see friends and family, meet new people…have a hotdog and a beer…and, if I play my cards right, start up a game of bocce ball.

(I’ve even got my fun shirt on, which I’ll show you in just a moment.)

As I was getting ready to head out the door, I realized there was something important I needed to share with you today.

You see, while we’re tossing a few balls around later, someone will inevitably find out I work in cannabis. And I can virtually guarantee the conversation will lead to one of a hundred different versions of the same question:

“Why invest in cannabis? And why now?”

It always does.

And let me just tell you – this is one question I’m always excited to answer.

Because I truly believe that anyone looking to make money should be investing in cannabis right now – and nothing illustrates that better than the fact that our members saw several triple-digit profit plays in the past week.

But that’s just a taste of what’s to come…

Why Invest in Cannabis Right Now?

Here’s the thing.

It doesn’t matter if this conversation is happening at a backyard barbeque, happy hour, or networking event. In just about every instance, I’ve noticed that the stigma surrounding cannabis has nearly disappeared.

Instead, it has been replaced by pure fascination.

Everyday consumers are more interested in cannabis than I’ve ever seen before – and that’s not anecdotal, either.

The majority of Americans (70%, to be exact) “view smoking cannabis as morally acceptable,” according to new research from New Frontier Data. That even cuts across generational lines.

Pair that increased interest with the unprecedented opportunity to become an early investor in this amazing industry, and it doesn’t take much convincing to show people why they should be buying cannabis stocks.

My answer boils down to three core reasons that might actually surprise you.

It’s all in my short three-minute video report below:

Take care,

Danny Brody
Advisory Board Member, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

[BEFORE YOU GO, READ THIS] Don Yocham, here. I wanted to drop you a quick line before you go. You see, Danny and I get pitched new ideas and deals all day long. Only a select few of those make it to our desk. And folks, we have a truly remarkable opportunity to tell you about today. This is the only company that’s figured out how to bring the hundreds of powerful and valuable compounds the cannabis plant creates to market. We’re giving you all the details right here.


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    • Hi Alex,

      The minimum for any investment would be what the stock is trading for and how many shares you are willing to buy. For example, if a stock is trading for $10 a share and you want to buy 10 shares, then it would cost $100 to own those shares.

      You can also use fractional investing to buy fractional shares of certain cannabis companies for as little as $1.

      We have a free report on that which you can access right here –

  1. I need to know what are the stock names to buy that are good investment but are still affordable for small investors!

  2. Hi lisa here would like to invest,not ready yet must understand need to read more,been ready only I don’t trust me yet.

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