The United States cannabis industry is expanding in every way…

When I look toward the future of cannabis, I see nothing but expansion.

Legalization efforts expanding – with Arizona‘s adult-use legalization measure officially qualifying for the November ballot with no less than 420,000 signatures while 68% of voters in New Jersey look to make it the first mid-Atlantic state to join the recreational club.

Companies expanding to new states – with Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (OTC: CURLF) becoming the biggest cannabis company in the world by revenue after its acquisition of Grassroots, giving it an impressive footprint stretching all the way from Massachusetts to California.

Sales expanding – with legal cannabis revenue surpassing popular industries like the National Basketball Association (NBA) and hard seltzer.

And all along the way, the shares you own at this very moment are setting you up for the potential to achieve life-changing wealth.

I know this because of the record-setting sales that are happening each time a new state legalizes adult-use cannabis.

Let me show you…

More Sales, More Profits, More Stock Price Appreciation

By January 1, 2021, Michigan and Illinois will have a full year of adult-use cannabis sales under their belt.

They are crushing it, and I’m going to show you in just a moment why that has me so excited.

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Right now, Michigan is on track to potentially generate $450 million in revenue in its first year of recreational sales, while Illinois has sold $300 million worth of cannabis products in the first 7 months of the year.

That puts Illinois on pace to hit over $500 million in revenue – but even that might be too conservative of an estimate considering the fact that its adult-use sales jumped a staggering 28% from $47.6 million in June to nearly $61 million in July.

To give you some context here, take a look at the chart below that compares Illinois’ first year of monthly adult-use sales to Colorado’s.

Keep in mind that Colorado was one of the very first states to legalize adult-use cannabis and, in its first year alone, surpassed an unprecedented $303 million in total legal adult-use sales.

With this kind of growth, Illinois could potentially reach $686 million in adult-use cannabis sales this year.

But here’s the big takeaway.

As the dominos fall for cannabis legalization, the states launching new recreational frameworks have more opportunities than ever before.

When Colorado launched recreational cannabis sales in 2014, we didn’t have anywhere near the variety and quality of products that we do now.

Today, dispensaries have more and better products to sell, from THC-infused chocolate bars to CBD-infused sparkling beverages, creating a wider range of products to reach even more customers.

The perception of cannabis use has also shifted dramatically, with more people now viewing cannabis as a wellness product than at any other time in history.

Just since voters in Colorado and Washington became the first to fully legalize cannabis in 2012, national support for cannabis legalization has increased from a mere 50% all the way to 67% today.

Consumers are more willing to try cannabis as stigmas fade away – even traditionally “red” states like Montana and South Dakota have adult-use cannabis legalization measures on the ballot this November.

Finally, states also have better data points and information on setting up a tax structure that works for everyone.

With Arizona, New Jersey, and possibly Montana up next for full legalization, I can’t wait for them to join the recreational club and allow some of our top picks to sell even more products, generate even more money, and set you up for even more profits.

Take care,

Danny Brody
Advisory Board Member, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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31 responses to “More States Look to Make Cannabis Legal as They See First-Year Sales Surge”

  1. Can you all help get adult recreational marijuana use on the ballot in Indiana.
    I feel like that’s the only way we’re going to see it legal here.

    • I concur. Hoosiers are left with no other option than to become addicted to all the opioids that the doctors are handing out or take street drugs for everything from pain control to relief from anxiety attacks!! I have MS and everyday is a struggle to get through with the amount of pain that I have. I have seen first hand how opioids rip families apart and completely destroy lives! I will NOT take them!!! I NEED to have at least medical marijuana available in Indiana to combat my pain in a safe and NATURAL way with NO possibility of physical dependency. This is wrong, on so many levels, to continue to have a federal ban on marijuana when it can give millions of American relief from a variety of ailments safely instead of forcing us to take opioids which in itself is so very deadly!!!

  2. I am a 70 y.o. pot smoker who wishes Florida would legalize cannabis. Our governor should look at the revenue pot would raise for the state. Easy money during these difficult times.

    • North Carolina needs to help people get off opioids and take thc edible foods. Cost less for consumers and is safer than opioids. The revenue for the state would be an asset not only to said companies but to stock holders. Benefits would be less monies spent for legal problems within the state. Why not come sooner than later. This is coming to North Carolina in the future. People don’t die from overdose on marijuana. Why can’t we we get this on ballot and vote for the solution.

  3. I live in Georgia and my dad has medical problems. I he thing is he has a card but for him to get anything is like pulling teeth. Time for legislation on a Fed lvl

  4. What would be the best Process to get Indiana Medical and Recreational Marijuana, Other than Closing Lilly?
    Signatures? Normal?

  5. I live in GA and I have my card but I can’t get anything. The Dr had no problem taking my money but I can’t get the only thing is high CBD Low tHC oil.

  6. I live in Knoxville Tennessee an we need it here for people in pain that dont want pills to take to get addicted to……

  7. North Carolina needs to legalize marijuana we have a lot of old and sickly people here who need the marijuana to help for pain sleep and other things

  8. They seriously need to make it legal in South Carolina….the money it would bring in could help in so many different areas…I just don’t understand why we haven’t gone legal yet….about 33 states has it under medical and about 11 states out of those are recreational….if they did the research…they would see some of the benefits…..

  9. South Carolina needs to make it legal….the revenue it would bring in can go to many needed projects…we already have about 33 states that has it for medical use and out of that 11 has it for recreational…..if 33 states has it for medical…..that’s over half the country….the reefer madness campaigns were wrong…..just put the same rules in place as for alcohol usage….over 21….I bet if some of the people who are against it had a loved one would desperately needed it….mindsets would then change…..

  10. Please help Tennessee see the light on Marijuana. I would like to see Marijuana make a huge movement into Tennessee

  11. I live in Indiana and we need help in passing medical weed. Plus the state can surely use the money from it. Its been a herb on this planet fir how long??? Just cause it gives you a buzz omg cant have it. But alchol can make u drunk and pit of ur mind but thats fine. Its time to legalize it federally and get over it.

  12. Cannabis should be taken off of the federal Schedule 1 category of dangerous drugs. That would solve a lot of problems.

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