This new cloning technology promises to give cannabis retail a big boost…

I know that cloning technology might sound like something straight out of science fiction. And when it comes to creating cloned humans, that’s absolutely what it is.

But when it comes to cloning plants for agriculture, cloning isn’t some far-off fantasy.

The kind of cloning I’m talking about is available right now – and it’s being used to optimize cannabis plants to create stronger, more consistent cannabis products that consumers love.

And there’s one company I want to tell you about today that’s taking cannabis cloning technology to the next level.

By innovating an already high-tech process, this company is allowing cannabis businesses to build stronger brands and scale up their operations even further.

Let me show you why that could mean more money for you…

Conception Nurseries’ Novel Approach to Cloning

Traditional cannabis cloning, which involves cutting off large chunks of cannabis plants and growing them to full size in special rooms, is a risky technique that could (and often does) lead to diseases, parasitic infections, and uneven cultivation.

You see, clones created this way are always going to be affected by the experiences of the plant that they were created from. Even the most experienced growers are often unable to overcome the experiences built up over a plant’s lifetime that distort the end result.

But a biotech company called Conception Nurseries has unlocked the secret to producing more uniform cannabis clones with its very own innovative tissue-culturing technology.

This new tissue cultivation approach zeroes in on the smallest components of the cannabis plant, allowing them to clone fresh, young cannabis plants that grow and mature just like natural plants.

By cutting a lifetime of quirks out of the equation, Conception Nurseries can virtually guarantee a successful end result that is far more stable and much healthier than what you would get with traditional clones.

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And this company doesn’t just employ a revolutionary technique for breeding new plants.

Conception Nurseries also controls growing conditions down to the absolute tiniest details with its own proprietary soil blend designed to nourish the young plants and encourage them to grow through both nutritional and hormonal optimization.

These innovations are not just moving cannabis production into the modern era. They are bringing it right up to the highest standards of high-tech production.

The Profit Potential of This New Cannabis Cloning Tech

One of the biggest benefits that high-tech innovations like this can often bring to old processes – and this goes for any industry – is consistency.

A local dispensary can’t afford to deal with crops that vary wildly in both quality and yield.

But by allowing growers to produce standardized cannabis plants with consistent quality and yield, Conception Nurseries’ tissue culture-based cloning and bio-chemical optimization can create much more predictable business conditions and much stronger cannabis brands.

In the longer term, this kind of tech will allow cannabis businesses to do what any successful, growing business must do: scale up.

That means more money for you as these small-time operations expand into the kinds of massive industry leaders and household brands that define successful and mature sectors of the economy.

But don’t wait until cannabis turns into a fully mature sector to claim your stake.

With the cannabis industry still in its infancy, you have an incredible opportunity right now to get in early on what could very well be one of the biggest markets to emerge in decades.

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Cheers and good investing,

Michael A. Robinson
Advisory Board Member, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


2 responses to “How Innovative New Cloning Technology Is Boosting Cannabis Retail”

  1. Tissue culture cloning has been around for decades. I used the same procedure to multiply my plants (Colocasia Esculenta) from my T.C. supplier.
    What I received was a multitude of young growing plants ready for soil. What I ordered were only in the hundreds however as a large scale grower is concerned, this would be the ideal method of creating thousands of identical young starts.
    This also preserves the finest traits of the parent plant. It’s a win-win situation for ease, speed and maintaining the parent plants characteristics.

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