Three of our top experts share the breakthroughs that could rewrite the cannabis industry as we know it…

At the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, there is an incredible team working tirelessly to help you navigate – and profit from – the biggest industry to emerge in the last 100 years.

And this week, three of our top experts are sharing their visions for the future of the cannabis industry so that you can be prepared to capitalize on the opportunities ahead.

Check out this week’s top headlines straight from our Advisory Board.

Top Stories in Cannabis Profits Daily

  • Even as CEO, partner, and chief corporate officer for some of the top companies in the business, Danny Brody has been more involved than ever in bringing you the stories and insight you need to make money. And you can look forward to hearing from Danny a lot more in the future, as he has a few exciting projects in the works that he can’t wait to share with you. Get to know Danny and see for yourself what he brings to the table in this highlight reel.
  • He might be the newest member of our Advisory Board, but since Charlie Delvalle joined The Institute’s team of experts in April, he’s brought you a dozen firsthand reports on the inner workings of the cannabis industry. His latest report centers around a topic he knows all too well as the co-founder of his own cannabis business: regulations, regulations, and more regulations. Join Charlie as he explores what a fully legal cannabis industry could look like under the FDA.

Innovation is paving the road to wealth for savvy investors – and no one knows that better than tech expert Michael Robinson.

When it comes to innovations in cannabis, Michael sees biosynthesis as the breakthrough that will rewrite the cannabis industry as we know it.

In this unarchived footage, he’s sitting down with Executive Director Don Yocham to discuss the profitable potential of biosynthesis…

The Promise of Lab-Grown Cannabis

At the First Annual NICI Retreat in Las Vegas, Don and Michael were asked about the future of cannabis.

Specifically, one of our members wanted to know more about biosynthesis and how cannabis could be grown in a lab.

In the most informative three-minute video clip you will watch all day, Don and Michael will walk you through the power – and profit potential – of mixing science with cannabis.

Get Michael’s insight into the massive opportunity lab-grown cannabis could present for you.

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  2. I currently live in the Philippines, however I am a American citizen. I just can’t open up a brokerage account while living in this country. However I keep up on all articles written about cannabis. When I get back 2 the USA next year I plan on opening up a account&invest in the sector.

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