We’re still uncovering the incredible power of cannabis-based medicine…

As I look over Executive Director Don Yocham‘s list of the top 32 revenue producers in cannabis, I can’t help but think about how GW Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: GWPH) got to the number one spot.

Sales of its highly concentrated CBD drug, Epidiolex, have absolutely soared over the past year along with the demand for cannabis-based medicine.

I also can’t help but think about the sheer number of people its pharmaceutical-grade CBD has helped – and the massive returns for shareholders that those surging sales represent.

GW Pharma’s success in harnessing cannabis’s power as medicine is an important reminder that we are only just beginning to discover the incredible healing power of this plant.

It’s a reminder that the risks taken by pioneers like Dr. Alan Shackelford and those on the frontline of the cannabis-based medicine movement are worth it.

And it’s a reminder that, as my good friend Don likes to say, we can do well while doing good.

Because with each new discovery comes a new way to profit.

So, when I saw the results of a study out of Israel demonstrating CBD’s potential as a COVID-19 treatment, I was ecstatic.

And seeing as you’ve correctly identified now as the best time to invest in cannabis, you should be, too.

Let me show you why…

The Power of CBD

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague much of the world, the brightest minds in scientific research have been racing to study a whole host of potential treatments.

CBD is no exception.

In fact, the results of a brand-new study indicate that CBD could be more effective at fighting off a deadly COVID-19 symptom than conventional pharmaceuticals. Three times more effective.

But here’s where it gets really interesting: the same study suggests that full-spectrum CBD could be a more effective option than pure CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids that the cannabis plant has to offer. And although full-spectrum is considered to be more effective in its healing properties due to something called the entourage effect, pure CBD is what’s typically used in pharmaceuticals because it contains no traces of THC.

This is a stunning development with far-reaching and potentially profitable implications that I can’t wait to tell you more about.

Check out my short video report below for more details on these promising results, as well as a few other exciting headlines I can give you an insider’s perspective on:

Whether it’s being used in the fight against a pandemic, as a recovery product for athletes, or in this season’s hottest beauty products, CBD is here to stay. Find out how to grab your own piece of this multibillion-dollar pie right here.

Take care,

Danny Brody
Advisory Board Member, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


5 responses to “CBD Takes Center Stage in the Fight Against COVID-19”

  1. With this report about full spectrum, what do you think about the viability of CBG company – Hemptown and their private placement?

  2. Cannabis is a miracle for everybody who needs cure for bodily problems. No side effects like the products from big pharma.

  3. I can see the future of Cannibus in senior living facilities. It would help so many folks by relieving pain, without harmful chemicals. I am 73, and dont want to ever live without both CBD, and THC. So many health professionals are still fighting against the use of this marvelous herb. If they only knew what it can do for us seniors. I believe they are truly taught to honor big pharma, not all of them get kick backs. They are just taught the wrong way. I hope their minds will open wide soon.

  4. I have suffered severe spine and joint disease, for 20 years as my symptoms worsened. I also have been diagnosed with Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, Fuchs dystrophy in both eyes, glaucoma, etc. Please legalize it for humanize pain relief. My pain doesn’t allow the use of CBD. I’ve had no relief with it anyway. Legalize marijuana for pain and adult consumers. Thank you.

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