This startup investing opportunity closes in just a few days…

To become a startup investor before the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012, you either had to know a guy who knew a guy or have millions in the bank.

But thanks to the newly created Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) stage, you now have the unprecedented opportunity to pull up a seat right next to the founders of what could be the Facebook or Amazon of cannabis.

And considering the fact that consumers spend more money on cannabis each year than what hits the top lines of Facebook and Amazon combined, imagine the wealth you could build by getting in early on the right cannabis startup.

That’s why Executive Director Don Yocham wanted to make sure you knew about an exciting Reg CF deal that’s closing soon.

It’s a company with an incredible mission statement, inspiring management team, and high-quality products that are already making a splash online and in dispensaries.

With a $4 million valuation, this startup investment opportunity is just too good to pass up…

Meet Juna

Named “1 of 5 top CBD brands to watch for in 2019,” Juna is a revolutionary producer of top-shelf CBD and THC tinctures created especially for modern women.

This is not your run-of-the-mill cannabis startup, either.

Their vision is to be the #1 trusted, female-focused wellness brand in the mass premium marketplace.

And with over 30 established retail partnerships, features in over 65 strategic publications, and an over 32% repeat purchase rate, Juna is already well on its way to becoming a mainstream favorite.

But this startup would be nothing without Jewel Zimmer and Taylor Lamb – the leaders with the vision to make it all happen.

Taylor Lamb (pictured left) and Jewel Zimmer (pictured right)
Source: Juna

We’ve gotten to know Jewel and Taylor well over the past several months as we introduced the company to our Cannabis Venture Syndicate subscribers, and Don will be the first to tell you that this powerful duo ticks all the boxes he looks for in a strong management team.

[LEARN MORE] Juna is just one of three potentially lucrative deal recommendations in the Cannabis Venture Syndicate pipeline right now – and Don has even more deals coming to Syndicate subscribers over the next few months. Find out how you can be among the first to access these private investment opportunities right here.

In fact, Don was so impressed with these leaders that he wanted all our subscribers to be able to hear from them about how they’re turning Juna into a household name in cannabis.

Learn all about Juna and find out how you can become a startup investor today in this webinar that can only be found here at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors:

Juna’s funding round is closing soon, so make sure you head over to their Republic page here before the deal closes on August 2.

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6 responses to “Own a Piece of the Women-Focused Cannabis Company That’s Redefining Wellness”

  1. Hi….a very informative video form two intelligent women.
    I’m used to buying shares online through my brokerage.
    What is the ticker symbol of their company’s stock
    on the financial markets?

    • Hi Andy,

      Because Juna is a private company, it does not have a stock ticker. However, it is still very easy to invest. You would first need to create an account with Republic and then you can go from there. Here is Juna’s investing page for more information –

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