Our experts are here to guide you through today’s most profitable cannabis opportunities…

Revenues for the top cannabis companies are growing over 100%, giving you an extraordinary shot at making money in today’s rapidly emerging cannabis industry.

So, whether it’s uncovering the best brands, the latest innovations, the biggest spenders, the most promising markets – or all of the above – the expert team heading up the National Institute for Cannabis Investors is here to help you focus your attention on the most profitable opportunities.

Here’s what you need to know.

Top Stories in Cannabis Profits Daily

  • As a mastermind behind three of the biggest wealth-generating cannabis companies to date, Danny Brody knows exactly what it takes for a cannabis brand to achieve greatness. And as a member of The Institute’s Advisory Board, he’s here to share that insider knowledge with our Cannabis Profits Daily readers – including the cannabis companies that are building the best brands in today’s market. Find out Danny’s top three cannabis brands to watch in this new video report.
  • Next up on The Institute’s Advisory Board is Michael Robinson – a 35-year Silicon Valley veteran and expert on all things high-tech. In his latest cannabis-tech report, he’s breaking down the innovations that are separating the winners from the wannabes as cannabis enters a new hypercompetitive phase. Because, as he puts it, “the win is going to go to whichever firm has the right tech in the right place.” Get the full story from Michael.
  • And to bring you a fresh “boots on the ground” perspective, there’s Charlie Delvalle. As the co-founder of a line of West Coast dispensaries, he shows you what’s going on inside cannabis businesses day in and day out. And what he’s been seeing lately is more than just a trend: an increasing number of women walking into his store. Women hold a massive amount of buying power, after all, and cannabis companies are catching on with new offerings geared toward this powerful group of consumers. Here’s how they’re doing it.
  • To identify the companies with the right strategies for their target markets, you need to familiarize yourself with the facts of cannabis. And when it comes to CBD, that all starts with one thing: hemp. So, Executive Director Don Yocham is showing you how to make the most of the soon-to-be $22 billion CBD market with a breakdown of this plant’s fascinating history. Take a deep dive into the fine line between marijuana and hemp.
  • With so many different roles for cannabis businesses to fall into, it’s important to know which will consistently make money over time and therefore be positioned to give shareholders a substantial return. Two primary sectors operate in that prime space. One lies closest to the consumer while the other often lies as far away from the end consumer as you can get. Both have one thing in common: the ability to maintain pricing power. Learn which sectors are primed to make you the most money.

Now, when it comes to the markets you need to be paying attention to, Florida is at the top of the list.

It’s one of the fastest-growing medical cannabis markets in the United States, and with full legalization on the horizon, it could soon become the largest adult-use market in the country.

We’re talking about $2.5 billion in legal cannabis sales expected in 2025.

And one company is situated to claim the lion’s share of that opportunity…

A Case Study in Total Market Domination

Responsible for well over half of this state’s cannabis sales, Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (OTC: TCNNF) is Florida’s favorite cannabis brand by a mile.

It’s no accident how it got here.

It was the first to market, the first to sell smokable flower, the first to deliver at scale. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Check out five ways Trulieve is securing its status as the top cannabis company in the country.

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