Our cannabis law expert discusses the future of adult-use legalization in New Jersey in a new audio report…

New Jersey is a small-but-mighty East Coast state with one of the highest population densities in the United States.

It’s home to upwards of 6.5 million adults who could potentially become legal adult-use cannabis consumers – 77,000 of which are already medical cannabis patients.

And thanks to a promising new decriminalization bill, adult-use legalization is closer than ever to passing in the Garden State come November.

It couldn’t come at a better time, either.

The coronavirus crisis has exposed the urgent need for the millions – and in some cases, billions – of dollars in tax revenue that a legal cannabis market can bring as states struggle to make up for lost revenue.

So, we brought in our cannabis law expert to walk you through the vast implications of New Jersey’s decriminalization bill…

New Jersey’s Path to Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization

Joshua Sanderlin is an attorney and government affairs expert with over 15 years of experience in regulatory law and public policy.

As a trusted member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors Advisory Board, he gives you an inside track to the politics and legalization side of the U.S. cannabis industry.

And today, he’s using that deep understanding of cannabis laws (and all their complexities) to give you a full break down of the implications of New Jersey’s important milestone.

Check out Josh’s three-minute audio report below to find out what this new decriminalization bill could mean for the future of cannabis legalization in the Garden State:

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  1. It would appear that the Chinese Coronavirus has derailed Cannabis Legislation for the moment. At least Cannabis has never been accused of killing large numbers of people, only of leading them into sin and perdition. Possibly the best place to start in the Cannabis Investing World is to call up your local Congressman and ask what he/she is investing in, and when full legalization will be implemented in your State. But don’t expect an honest answer; after all, your Representative will be trying to front-run you, same as your stockbroker. In the meantime, check out the various investments in Hemp, which has been fully legalized, such as CBD oil.

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