This week’s top stories and resources to help you up your cannabis investing game…

When it comes to cannabis investing, Executive Director Don Yocham believes that the more you know about the industry, the more you are empowered to make savvy investing decisions. And with that knowledge in hand, the sky’s the limit.

So, along with this week’s top stories, we’re sharing a few of our best free cannabis investing resources so you can make the most of what’s shaping up to be the single biggest market to emerge in decades.

Top Stories in Cannabis Profits Daily

  • Michigan. It’s home to one of the youngest adult-use cannabis markets in the United States with the potential to generate nearly $3 billion in yearly sales. And according to cannabis entrepreneur Charlie Delvalle, right now, basically anyone who can get into this market over the next two years will make money. As long as you understand three core aspects of this market, you’ll have a good chance to profit, too. Unlock the profit potential of Michigan’s adult-use market.
  • A new cannabis-tech partnership between Marijuana Doctors and Connected Inc. has caught the attention of our resident tech expert, Michael Robinson. The two companies are joining forces to streamline delivery, pickup, and telemedicine for the cannabis industry – a move that is more important than ever as COVID-19 has made online ordering and delivery services essential. Get Michael’s take on how this high-tech deal could help transform cannabis retail.
  • One company is so well run that 76% of every dollar it earns yields value-added profit for shareholders. A leading grower with decades of experience operating mega-scale greenhouses can cultivate cannabis so efficiently that every $1 sold only costs them $0.25. And yet another has boosted sales of its leading product 3,276% over the last year, with another doubling expected over the next 12 months. These are just three of Don’s top 10 stocks under $10.
  • As of right now, there isn’t a household name when it comes to cannabis. But with the right branding, a company you already know could soon propel itself into a household name. To help you discover and capitalize on what could be the next Starbucks or Apple of cannabis, we’re dedicating a whole series to showing you exactly what a good cannabis branding strategy looks like. Start here with seven of our best free cannabis branding resources.

Profiting from the cannabis industry can take on many forms. And with pick-and-shovel plays, you can cash in on cannabis no matter the regulatory environment.

Round out your cannabis investing strategy this weekend with our free guide to this tried-and-true play…

Everything You Need to Know About Pick-and-Shovel Plays

Pick-and-shovel companies, also known as “ancillary” companies, exist in just about every industry. But they hold a very special place in cannabis.

Because these companies do not directly run afoul of federal law in the U.S., they essentially give you a “backdoor” way to invest in cannabis – making them an excellent way to bolster your overall cannabis investment portfolio.

Check out our free guide to maximizing cannabis profits with pick-and-shovel plays right here.

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  1. Thanks to Mr. Robinson and Mr Yocham for putting these reports together. I am definitely interested in investing . I feel pretty confident following The direction(s) of Mr. Robinson I won’t go wrong.

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