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Lord Jones.

It was the first brand to have CBD-infused beauty products on Sephora shelves around the country, and its products are packaged beautifully.

But branding is so much more than just a pretty box, a catchy slogan, or even an iconic name.

It goes much deeper than that.

For folks like you who are constantly evaluating which cannabis companies are deserving of your hard-earned cash, being able to recognize an expert branding strategy is a critical aspect of that decision-making process.

Executive Director Don Yocham always says that there is no science behind building a great brand, but you do know one when you see it.

So, today, we’re sharing seven resources that will help you uncover the next billion-dollar cannabis brand…

1. How to Discover the Next “Starbucks of Cannabis”

Chances are that when you think about coffee, you think about Starbucks. But when you think about cannabis, what brand comes to mind? Let’s just say that with self-made millionaire Danny Brody‘s advice, discovering the “Starbucks of cannabis” has never been easier. Learn how to discover the next billion-dollar cannabis brand.

2. Using the Market Research That’s Right in Front of You

Whether you’re re-connecting with friends, chatting with someone in line at the grocery store, or running into your neighbor while walking the dog – it seems like everyone is talking about CBD. How it helps with aching muscles, eases arthritis pain, or even calms the family dog during thunderstorms. It may not seem like it, but this is invaluable market research. Here’s how to use it to your advantage.

3. [INTERVIEW] Meet the Leaders of Cannabis Startup Juna

The cannabis startup Juna knocked it out of the park with its branding by explaining what it does in a single sentence that anyone can understand. “Optimize your mind, body, and mood through the power of plants.” Don is sitting down with the founders of this up-and-coming household name to get an inside look at their branding expertise, marketing experience, and vision. Watch the webinar.

4. [INTERVIEW] One-on-One Chat With the CEO of TREC Brands

When done right, branding tells a story. It showcases a mission statement. It provides the details at just a quick glance about what a company stands for. That’s why Don wanted to chat with Trang Trinh, the CEO of TREC Brands. TREC Brands is focused on quality while also being price sensitive, because as you’ll find out in the interview, “good weed doesn’t have to break the bank.” Catch the interview right here.

5. [INTERVIEW] Don Sits Down With the CEO of Mendi

To stand out, a company needs top-tier packaging that draws attention. The company needs to make the benefits of what it is selling clear upfront. The branding needs to convey a story. So when Don met the CEO of a new CBD startup that’s successfully hitting on all those points, he had to pick her brain. See how Rachael Rapinoe is cutting through the noise with expert branding.

6. [FREE REPORT] Your Guide to a New $1 Billion CBD Sector

Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc. (OTC: CWBHF), the largest CBD company in the world, has a branding strategy that is simple and consistent. Its CBD products are made for the mainstream – and that’s part of what has made it so successful. But when it comes to a new $1 billion CBD sector, it has some competition. Find out how top CBD companies are vying for consumer attention in the CBD-infused beauty product space.

7. [FREE REPORT] The Best Branding in Cannabis

We can’t stress enough why branding is so important in the cannabis industry. That’s why, in this final resource, we are going to share actual examples of the different types of branding strategies cannabis companies are implementing. Don’t miss our comprehensive guide to all things cannabis branding.

Why stop here? For even more cannabis branding resources, you can always check out our Cannabis Branding archives.

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