This doctor has put his career on the line to advance cannabis-based medicine…

Last week, Executive Director Don Yocham released an exclusive letter written by Dr. Alan Shackelford for the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

He was the first to treat Charlotte Figi with a cannabis strain high in CBD and, as many of you know, Charlotte is the inspiration behind Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc. (OTC: CWBHF).

After Dr. Shackelford treated Charlotte, she went from as many as 300 epileptic seizures in a week to just 2 per month.

This easily fits into Don’s mantra that you can do well while doing good.

And that’s exactly what Don talked to one of our Advisory Board members about in this newly released video…

The Story of Charlotte

Don recently caught up with Danny Brody of our Advisory Board to talk about Charlotte’s unfortunate passing.

Danny knows Dr. Shackelford and he was moved at how cannabis-based medicine helped Charlotte’s true personality shine through.

It just shows how important it is that cannabis is legalized so that we can learn about all of the plant’s powerful compounds.

Hear Danny and Don discuss how Dr. Shackelford is continuing Charlotte’s legacy in the five-minute video clip below.

If you haven’t had a chance to access Dr. Shackelford’s letter, you can do so right now by clicking here.

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Did You Know? Don’s talk with Danny is part of an exclusive series for Cannabis IPO Insider. Aside from discussing the importance of cannabis-based medicine, Don and Danny reviewed a recent trade recommendation. Members of Cannabis IPO Insider can click here to watch the full video. If you would like to learn more about this research service and how to access all of Don and Danny’s weekly chats, this is the place to start.


3 responses to “How Dr. Alan Shackelford Is Continuing the Cannabis-Based Medicine Movement”

  1. May Charlotte’s legacy an Spirit guide the world towards modern medicine as it was – always – ment to be but never before seen.
    Dr Alan Shackleford thank you an other’s like minded for all your tireless efforts an great achievements in bringing the best of Nature to Mankind.
    To that I say
    the Winds of change are blowing and Mountains will be moved and if the slightest bit of doubt should ever come over you just remember Charlotte’s Spirt an so shall you be Moved ..

  2. As a Nurse Practitioner, Charlottes story is what moved my heart to see what this plant can do for medical treatments. A great Thank you to all who are involved in finding treatments.

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