From lab-grown cannabis to synthetic CBD, the possibilities of the cannabis plant are endless…

We’re only just beginning to discover the potential of cannabis as medicine.

And no matter where cannabis is grown – now or in the future – we’ve already seen the incredible impact that cannabis-based medicine has had on the lives of millions of people.

Starting with a special op-ed from a doctor on the frontline of the cannabis-based medicine movement, this week was all about exploring the new frontiers of cannabis and the extraordinary profit potential waiting to be seen.

You’ll also get a report from Advisory Board member Danny Brody to help you prepare for the summer cannabis market.

Let’s dive right in.

Top Stories in Cannabis Profits Daily

  • The young girl who helped spark the CBD movement once suffered from 300 epileptic seizures a week. Until she met Dr. Alan Shackelford, that is. Her name was Charlotte Figi, and together with Dr. Shackelford, these two pioneering spirits changed the way the world thinks about cannabis-based medicine. Charlotte recently passed away at just 13 years of age, but her legacy will live on forever. Hear Charlotte’s legacy straight from Dr. Shackelford himself.
  • Could synthesizing cannabis in a lab eventually become the norm? Don and Advisory Board member Michael Robinson explore that possibility in recently uncovered footage from the First Annual NICI Retreat. In this short three-minute video clip, they walk you through the power – and profit potential – of mixing science with cannabis. Watch it here.
  • “We’re translating what pharma has done for hundreds of years to the CBD and cannabis industry.” A new CBD startup, Nalu Bio, has set out to conquer the new frontier of CBD. And according to the founder and CEO, Caitlyn Krebs, this team of scientists thinks they can create CBD through chemical synthesis at a fraction of the cost of hemp-derived CBD. During this exclusive interview, Don dives headfirst into the world of synthetic CBD – and the startup at the forefront of the movement. What he learned was fascinating.
  • Named “1 of 5 top CBD brands to watch for in 2019,” Juna is a revolutionary producer of top-shelf CBD and THC tinctures created especially for modern women. Don recently had the chance to sit down with the powerful duo behind this startup, Jewel Zimmer and Taylor Lamb, to bring you our first-ever startup investing webinar. During the webinar, Jewel and Taylor share the secret to their success, answer questions, and show you how to become a startup investor. Catch the replay.

Plus – self-made millionaire Danny Brody is back. And this time, he’s giving you an insider’s perspective on the Cannabis 2.0 rollout in Canada.

Market conditions are looking promising for investors, and just in time for summer…

Cannabis Investors: It’s Time to Gear up for Summer

This week, Danny shared the challenges, the opportunities, and the market outlook as we head into summer.

As you’ll find out, valuations are cheap, market capitalizations are low, and the time to buy could be just around the corner.

Get Danny’s strategy for the summer market.

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3 responses to “Meet the Pioneers on the Front Line of the Cannabis-Based Medicine Movement”

  1. Thank you for the newsletter. I always wanted to look into this and wonder how to do it.
    Will like to know how it’s done.
    Ronald Wooten

  2. Yes confirm. Due to the fact that cannabis was allowed to be used only not very long ago, we now have not such a broad idea of ​​exactly what effect it has on a person. In fact, we still can’t fully explain what it is and how it affects most people, because in some countries they still don’t know what cannabis is and what it has been used in medicine for several years. With great interest I am watching the cannabis industry and in general I really like that the environmentally friendly product goes to a new level.

  3. Nalu Bio say they can create CBD through chemical synthesis at a fraction of the cost of hemp-derived CBD.

    If this is so, surely Investing in high quality synthetic CBD produced by ethical and knowledgable manufacturers is a no brainer. But Nalu Bio is early stage and I can’t see how to invest in them. I will do the due diligence. Are there any synthetic CBD manufacturers more advanced into which we can invest now? Please advise
    Campbell Keenan

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