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With an elevator pitch, the founder of a startup needs to grab an investor’s attention in 30 seconds or less. The pitch needs to be clear, concise, and create excitement.

Not an easy thing to do, but a good example of the right way to do it is from Airbnb.

On its first slide, it reads – “Book rooms with locals, rather than hotels.”

The idea is easy to understand, explains what the company does in just seven words, and creates intrigue.

When it comes to cannabis, the startup Juna knocked it out of the park by explaining what it does in a single sentence that anyone can understand.

“Optimize your mind, body, and mood through the power of plants.”

With its products potentially providing a little more calmness and clarity to your day or helping you experience a more serene sleep, Juna has astutely identified that cannabis is a wellness product.

The founders are currently raising money, giving you the chance to be one of the first investors in the company.

If you ever wanted to become a startup investor, Executive Director Don Yocham is going to show you how in this webinar with the executives from Juna…

Meet the Leaders of Cannabis Startup Juna

Jewel Zimmer and Taylor Lamb of Juna have the branding expertise, marketing experience, and drive needed to make Juna a household name in the cannabis industry.

They’ve even been named two of “The 35 Most Influential Women in Cannabis” by Green Entrepreneur.

And because you can become an early investor in this startup, Don wanted to make sure you got to hear from these founders about their background, experience, and vision for Juna.

Several of our members were even able to get their questions answered directly by Taylor and Jewel.

During this informative webinar, you’ll learn more about how you can become a startup investor today.

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  1. I was not able to view Juna webinar in this article. Please send to my email directly. Thank you.

  2. I would love to start investing, but don’t know what to do, or where to start. I have been throwing it around for a while. And would like to know how much money is needed to start investing.

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