Danny and Don talk legalization, M&As, and share top performers in the first-ever fireside chat…

As a successful entrepreneur, Danny Brody was the perfect addition to our Advisory Board.

From startups to IPOs, he knows what it takes for a company to go from just an idea to a real business generating millions of dollars.

And the fact is, this guy can’t stay still.

He is currently working with two different startups and always has his pulse on what’s happening in cannabis.

Recently, Executive Director Don Yocham set up a virtual “fireside chat” with Danny, discussing everything from cannabis legalization to the recent acquisition by Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc. (OTC: CWBHF).

And most importantly, the companies that are going to make their shareholders a lot of money…

Danny & Don’s Time-Sensitive Advice

“The potential for profitability for a lot of these cannabis companies can no longer be ignored.” – Don

In this fireside chat video, Don and Danny discuss two companies that they are very impressed with.

These are the companies doing it right, and as Danny likes to say, this is a time where the men are separating themselves from the boys.

It just takes one click to see which companies they are talking about.

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  1. Love to hear the latest news with the CBD and Cannabis New Companies with lots of promise. Many thanks

  2. I’ve been getting a buzz from “High Times” but haven’t heard anything about this $11 stock from you?

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