Our Advisory Board dominated this week’s top stories with their expert analyses…

A cannabis entrepreneur who co-founded and runs his own line of dispensaries. A self-made cannabis millionaire who has helped several companies go public. A 35-year Silicon Valley veteran who is at the forefront of the cannabis tech revolution.

These are just a few of the experts that comprise the National Institute for Cannabis Investors Advisory Board. This week, they shared that expertise to bring you exclusive insights on everything from generational trends to stock splits to online cannabis retail.

You can find all their reports below – including another brand-new free report on a little-known $1 billion sector of the CBD market.

Top Stories in Cannabis Profits Daily

  • In his most recent report, Charlie Delvalle is answering a timely question: What does he think of Gen Z and how they might shape the cannabis market? If you listen to the media, you’d think Gen Z is the most exciting thing to happen since Canada‘s full legalization. But here’s the thing about Gen Z.
  • Cannabis IPO expert Danny Brody first got into the entrepreneurship world through trading stocks when he was in his early days at college. He quickly learned everything from the basics of investing in bonds to advanced portfolio management techniques to stock splits and how they play a role in the psyche of an investor. And he’s using that expertise to walk you through the reasoning behind the Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB) reverse stock split that’s planned for May 11. Get the full story behind Aurora’s decision.
  • One thing has become crystal clear during this crisis – online retail is an indispensable tool for keeping society running. When it comes to cannabis, however, federal regulations have gotten in the way of meaningful advancements in online retail. But according to a special report from Michael Robinson, Colorado could be changing that with an emergency order that allows customers to purchase cannabis products online. Find out how this new precedent is going to push us toward cannabis reform at the federal level.
  • The United States and Canada are clearly leading the pack in cannabis legalization, but Australia is working on carving out a profitable niche for itself in the global cannabis market. Now, the Australian Health Department is proposing to move CBD to a Schedule 3 substance, meaning that no prescription is required. See what over-the-counter CBD means for the global cannabis market.

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