One expert’s take on how Gen Z could end up shaping the cannabis market…

I recently got a question that I’d like to cover: What do I think of Gen Z and how they might shape the cannabis market?

If you listen to the media, you’d think Gen Z is the most exciting thing to happen since Canada‘s legalization.

The argument is that Gen Z grew up with medical marijuana and some were teenagers when pot first became legal in Washington and Colorado. That stigma of cannabis being “the devil’s weed” is long gone among this cohort.

They’re a lot more open to cannabis.

They view it as a better alternative than alcohol.

And eventually, they’re going to spend a lot of money at dispensaries across the country…

Here’s the Thing About Gen Z

But the key word here is, “eventually.”

In my store, Gen Z makes up about 2% of sales. Nationally, it’s around 3% to 6%.

It will take five to seven years before they’re buying as much as millennials or Generation X. Maybe longer.

They would rather get free flower from friends who grow it. Or throw a few plants outside in legal states and consume the fall harvest.

That’s just one problem. There is also an issue of legality.

Too Young to Market to

When we talk about “Gen Z,” we’re generally speaking about those born from about 1995 to 2010. At the time of this writing, that means this group ranges from ages 10 to 25.

As a business owner, I won’t advertise to Generation Z. As a population, too many are under 21. And ethically (and legally), I can’t advertise to a group of people who are mostly under 21 years of age.

While Gen Z may be the fastest-growing group of cannabis consumers, they’re starting from a low base. By the time they’re big enough to matter, the market will be split three ways: Gen X, Gen Z, and millennials.

That means cannabis companies will have a choice to make. Target one demographic, or try and become attractive to all of them?

One such company doing a good job at that second choice is Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (OTC: CURLF). It continues to expand its footprint and swallow up different brands that target different types of consumers.

Better yet, Curaleaf secured a $300 million line of credit, which will keep it away from needing to raise money in the market doing these viral times.

So, to answer the question of What do I think of Gen Z and how they might shape the cannabis market?

As of right now, this group is too young to have a significant impact.

But I will be keeping an eye on the companies that can successfully target their marketing to consumers of all generations.

One way you can track the companies doing it right is with real-time trade recommendations from my friend and colleague, Don Yocham. You can learn more about accessing his profit alerts right here.

Take care,

Charlie Delvalle

Advisory Board Member, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

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  1. Do you know the statistics on the baby boomers or hippie generation? I would think we are still the heaviest users, as that was our mantra in the 60s and 70s. It is extremely expensive now! We had access to a lid-16 oz-3 fingers length wise for 15.00, a dime-2 fingers length wise, 10.00 and a nickel -one finger length wise-5.00.

    • Agreed…Columbian Gold or the Red @ + OR – $350 TO $450 ..$450 was the Sticky Goods…..Gold ..Reddish Gold & Red

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