The cannabis industry will be a driving force in putting people back to work…

When the COVID-19 crisis ends economic recovery won’t be easy, and it will take time.

Thankfully, some industries are already taking the initiative to get folks back to work.

And leading the way is the legal cannabis industry.

Truelieve Announces It’s Hiring in Multiple States

This week, Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (OTC: TCNNF) announced that it would be hiring 200-300 hundred new employees across multiple states. This is even after a previous round of hiring last month.

Steve Ferrell, Director of Human Resources at Trulieve notes that 60% of these new positions will be in retail, 30% are in cultivation and production, and 10% for in call-center positions.

So, even during the coronavirus, demand for cannabis is steady and even increasing in some parts of the country.

Companies need more workers to keep up with demand, and people are able to find a new career and get back to work.

The clear message is that you can do well while doing good.

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  1. Cannabis has helped make through life, Its great for depression….It is a Great Stimulous for the Brain… Pain relief is Spelled MaryJane….. Calming effect for me when I get Fired Up with too much adrinalin, Due to Hypoglycimia. However do be careful becauase it lowers the blood sugar levels.
    I wil be 60 in less than a month and I have smoked Marijuana off & on through my life. I would rather smoke than drink Alcohol that takes such a toll on the Body in so many ways that Hurt your Brain and and the rest of your vital organs.
    Thank You, Kindly Miss LIzzie

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