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Each month, Executive Director Don Yocham puts a CEO in the hot seat with the NICI Membership Virtual Pitch Deck.

He asks them about their numbers, their plans for growth, and if they weren’t the CEO, why they would want to invest in the company.

With the coronavirus pandemic, Don has also made sure to get answers on how companies are adjusting to the new realities of the world.

And for this session, Don put Fire and Flower CEO, Trevor Fencott, in the hot seat…

Exclusive Fire and Flower Interview

Trevor is a successful tech entrepreneur, and leveraging his tech background in the cannabis industry has been especially important for Fire & Flower Holdings Corp. (OTC: FFLWF) during this time.

To meet demand while staying in compliance with rules from the government, Fire and Flower has launched curbside pickup, and it also offers same-day delivery services in some provinces.

You can find out more about Fire and Flower’s specific plans during COVID-19 and much more in the video below.

Trevor has also been gracious and agreed to answer some of our member questions that were previously sent in, so keep an eye out for that in the near future.

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3 responses to “Fire and Flower Is Maximizing Sales With Tech”

  1. I wanted to know if I need use a broker to purchase stocks in your firm and do you have recommendations for such. The VA Medical does not suggest Cannabis as I am a USAF Veteran but my family members use such products but I do want to get involved in such stock. Could you please get me any info possible on what you may suggest on how I can get involved in the products involved.


    Lucky Donegan C.I.S. Ph.D.
    Computer Scientist

  2. man I am super excited to be a part of some very smart hard working
    bunch of well put together
    man its a honer to be down to get some good advice for yall super excited

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