Cannabis legalization is going global…

Canada was the first G-20 nation to go legal, and the United States is on the home stretch for full legalization.

But while North America is clearly leading the way right now, it’s important not to forget that legalization is going to spread across the world.

There are going to be countless profit opportunities, ranging from Europe to South America.

New Frontiers of Opportunity

Australian company, Little Green Pharma for example, just completed its first-ever commercial export of its medical cannabis oil to the United Kingdom.

Once they arrive in the U.K., Little Green Pharma’s products will be distributed by Astral Health.

In more globalization news, we can turn to the tiny European nation, North Macedonia.

Pharmacon, based in the capital city of Skopje, is well positioned to capitalize off the globalization of the cannabis market and has contracts with buyers in Germany, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

The New York Times reports Pharmacon’s new facility, currently under construction, will span “178,000 square feet” and will be able to produce “17 tons of marijuana a year, worth about $50 million.”

The Massive Market for Global Cannabis

By 2024, the global cannabis market will be worth $103.9 billion.

Source: Prohibition Partners

This equates to roughly an 853% increase in sales from 2018.

Along with that should come some great investment opportunities.

And as these opportunities come to fruition, Lifetime members can scan the cannabis opportunities across the globe with our 5-tier rating system.

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