Michigan will probe why legalization is so important.

When the coronavirus pandemic finally ends, state officials have a long road ahead of them to get people back to work and figure out how to generate lost tax revenue to fix roads and improve schools. But while this is a difficult task, a new study out of Michigan shows why cannabis legalization is so important at this moment.

Researchers at Michigan State University predict that the marijuana market will have a $7.8 billion impact on the state, generating $500 million in tax revenue.

When the Michigan marijuana market matures, it could also add 13,500 jobs.

The money that flows into the legal market helps more dispensaries open, which leads to more jobs. Increasing access to cannabis also helps money flow out of the illicit markets and into legal markets, which leads to more legal cannabis sales.

With more legal cannabis sales, companies make more money, and stock prices can go higher.

That’s why Executive Director Don Yocham tells our members that they can do well while doing good.

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