This company managed to create a first-in-class cannabis drug, and it’s not Epidiolex…

Between 30% to 35% of Americans experience insomnia. The severity and frequency of sleeplessness vary, but it’s a vast and suffering population.

Insomnia has broad economic effects, too. As reports, one study conducted found “an employee with insomnia loses about eight days of work performance each year. For the entire U.S. workforce, this adds up to an estimated $63 billion in lost work performance due to insomnia each year.”

That’s where Zelira Therapeutics (OTC: ZLDAF) comes in.

Zelira is a medical cannabis company focused on first-in-class human clinical trials for insomnia, autism, and opioid reduction.

And they may be on to a breakthrough for insomnia.

The company recently achieved a medical cannabis first when its ZTL-101 cannabis-based therapy demonstrated that it is both safe and effective for chronic insomnia.

This is big.

A Story We’re Tracking Closely

Zelira is too small right now for serious consideration in our portfolio. Additionally, positive clinical data from one trial, even one with such strong positive language like Zelira’s recent findings, is promising but not absolute.

Zelira will still have to go through additional trial rigors before its product hits shelves here and abroad.

It’s a company making splashy headlines and for good reason. But in my view, Zelira is not ready for serious consideration in our portfolio.

That’s why our team of experts created the first-of-its-kind NICILytics Database, which holds close to 300 ratings of cannabis investments, including those in the pharmaceutical sector. Even better, it ranks these companies on a scale 0 to 5, allowing you to find true gems ripe for action today.

We use this tool all day, every day; and if you’re at all serious about cannabis investing, you need it, too. I encourage you to learn more about it right here.

As for Zelira, with these results on hand, I expect this news will open the door for the company to launch its products in the global market sometime soon.

It’s a story we’ll be tracking closely.

More to come soon,


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