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Executive Director Don Yocham recently spoke with the CEO of Fire & Flower Holdings Corp. (OTC: FFLWF) Trevor Fencott – and many of you will see his Virtual Pitch session with Don in NICI Membership tomorrow evening.

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We’re going to release that video for all members next week but, before then, Trevor agreed to answer your questions in a written Q&A guest post.

It’s important to hear directly from company executives about what they’re doing to adapt their businesses during the coronavirus crisis – and Fire and Flower is a company with a plan.

Here’s how Trevor and his team are tackling things…

A New Milestone

Most recently, Fire and Flower has made headlines for its new model that proactively seeks to manage the COVID-19 crisis safely, while still operating as an essential business.

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Starting this Wednesday, the company’s new curbside pickup program will begin service through its Hifyre Spark Perks digital platform. The result is that most folks in Saskatchewan will have an uninterrupted supply to their medical and recreational cannabis.

Placing an emphasis on technology has been important for Trevor, and he believes that’s a big advantage Fire and Flower has over its rivals.

So, some of the great questions to ask will be:

  • What changes to the business model has Fire and Flower made during the coronavirus?
  • How is the curbside pickup program working?
  • Will the company be able to expand during the coronavirus?
  • How much business is done online?
  • What are you watching for over the next 12 to 24 months?

And those are just a few examples of the questions you can send in.

Add your question in the comment section of this article, and Trevor will be able to provide a handful of direct answers.

We’ll talk again soon,

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6 responses to “Fire and Flower’s Plans During the Coronavirus”

  1. Hi Trevor,
    Do you see your company continuing the curbside to a certain date and will you continue to expand the personal delivery option ongoing?

  2. Hi Trevor! Following Fire & Flower’s execution story so far has been nothing short of inspiring. That said, as an investor focused on ROI I do have some concerns. Hoping to ask a number of questions:

    1) What are your projections for reaching profitability? How many stores will you require to breakeven and how much will those stores cost? I think this goalpost has moved a couple times in the past year or so – hoping for some clarity here.
    2) When/will you ever start reporting on more granular store level metrics?: same store sales, sales per sq ft., sales per employee, sales per category, avg transaction value, online vs offline etc?
    3) What’s going on with BC acquisitions? We’ve been waiting for a name change approval on those for going on a year. Do you expect there to be any progress on this front?
    4) Debt coming due in June/July of this year. How are you going to handle that? We’re hovering near all time lows. Issuing shares to pay that debt is going to be significantly dilutive and will further deteriorate value for all seed/pre-rto investors.
    5) How does the recent deterioration of SP affect the deal that was made with ATD? With the acceleration clause, does this mean you can force the conversion of those initial debentures at 1.07, even though we are well below that share price currently? Or if forced does the conversion get repriced?
    6) Whats the deal with revity CBD USPTO trademarks? Do you have anything in the works in the US?
    7) How do you anticipate the current pandemic altering your build out projections for 2020? Similarly, expected revenue.
    8) To what extent do you think it is likely that the AGCO/Province will continue the allowance of ecomm sales/delivery for retailers following the end of the provincial lockdown?
    9) Finally, what is something that hasn’t been asked that you think investors should know/be asking?


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