A cannabis investing redemption story unlike anything you’ve heard before…

Marvin Simmons was on the brink of declaring bankruptcy…

He just wasn’t bringing in enough money to make ends meet…

He’d drained his 401(k), maxed out his credit cards, and was borrowing money to pay the bills.

At his lowest point, he didn’t even have $16 to order a pizza.

He remembers that night as a “darkness unlike anything I’d ever faced.”

So how did Marvin get out of crippling debt and reach financial freedom?

By throwing one final Hail Mary… on cannabis.

He invested every last cent he had into a tiny cannabis company…

And it paid off BIG.

Since December 2019, he’s brought home about $3.38M from his cannabis stocks.

Marvin is done working on construction sites. He’s moved his young family into a brand-new house they love. He’s become a local celebrity and spends much of his time traveling internationally. Best of all, he starts most days by eating breakfast with his children.

Hundreds of investors, just like Marvin here, continue to stockpile cannabis stocks.

Because they know that cannabis offers the single-greatest wealth-building opportunity of our lifetime…

That the long-term potential here is just too good to sit on the sidelines and miss out on.

And they have every reason to be optimistic about the future.

New Frontier Data released a report projecting that U.S. cannabis sales will soon more than DOUBLE and reach $30 billion…

This is the fastest-growing industry in the world.

Beating out the entire technology industry, health-care industry, and biotech industry.

Plus, analysts from Piper Jaffray are now projecting that cannabis could become a $500 billion industry worldwide.

That’s bigger than the NFL, NBA, and MLB… COMBINED.

Which means that, after a tough 2019 for cannabis, 2020 could the biggest year for the industry yet.

And here at the Insitute, we’re not wasting a single minute of the action.

In fact, our top analysts believe that the market has entered a whole new phase which could turn today’s tiny companies into billion-dollar “mega-brands.”

We’re talking about $5 pot stocks today that could easily grow to $15…$30…maybe even $50 a share by the end of the year.

And in this video, they’re sharing the three best cannabis investment opportunities you can get in on in 2020.

To hear what they have to say for yourself, just click here.


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