Cardiol Therapeutics is using the power of cannabis-based medicine to fight heart disease…

As a cannabis investor, we like to put you right in the middle of the action.

Instead of just seeing a quote from a CEO on Yahoo Finance, we get members of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors direct information. We even give you the chance to get your questions answered by top-level executives.

Recently, Executive Director Don Yocham chatted with David Elsley, the CEO of Cardiol Therapeutics Inc. (OTC: CRTPF).

David’s company is currently testing CBD as a treatment for heart disease, which offers a huge opportunity to help a lot of people and generate a lot of revenue.

Heart disease is responsible for the most deaths in the world.

In other words, Cardiol has the chance to do well while doing good.

To learn more about Cardiol, you can access the company’s website here. You can also follow Cardiol on Twitter here.

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Don recently co-hosted a live Q&A session to address dozens of questions about the cannabis space.

He answered some hard-hitting questions, like…

  • If cannabis stocks have been dropping for the past year, which ones are still good investments and why?
  • Should investors focus more on growers, extractors, distributors, or brands?
  • How will cannabis startups scale, given that cannabis is still federally illegal?
  • What are the next huge, under-the-radar trends coming for the cannabis industry?

In case you missed it – or if you want to re-watch – just check out the video link here.

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6 responses to “Exclusive Video Interview With Cardiol CEO David Elsley”

  1. What is the ticker symbol I would like to invest in this in this company. Is on the US stock market.

    • Hi Tamir,

      Thanks for the comment.

      One of the biggest benefits of being in the NICI community is being able to hear from CEOs directly, and Don asked David about Cardiol’s burn rate around the 24:50 mark of the video. The author of the article you referenced is certainly entitled to their opinion, and so is the CEO of Cardiol.

      Don will also be catching up with many of the executives he has interviewed throughout the year, so stay tuned for follow ups with these companies down the road!

  2. Sounds like CRTPF is on the verge of a breakthrough with their research. This might also be an excellent application for GPFT’s patented Patchless Patch CBD delivery system for patients.

  3. This stock has been slowly dwindling for a while now, and this company has been pretty silent. Any reason to hold onto it guys?

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