From advocates to entrepreneurs, find out how these five women are transforming the cannabis industry…

As you may know, I’ve been especially busy lately with a slew of new private investing deal recommendations in the Cannabis Venture Syndicate pipeline.

I’ve been working with these cannabis startups to bring Syndicate members the most promising profit opportunities I can find; conducting interviews, writing deal memo after deal memo, and not to mention all the due diligence that comes along with any new deal recommendation.

In this flurry of activity, it occurred to me just how many of these incredible startups are founded and led by women.

Then I realized that these inspiring women go way beyond just the deals in the Syndicate pipeline.

With March being Women’s History Month, this seemed like the perfect time to take a closer look at how these women are transforming the cannabis industry…

Chef Dee, Celebrity Chef and Restauranteur

Chef De’Bronya Hodges, better known as Chef Dee, is a Miami-based chef who may be best known by a mainstream audience for her work as the personal chef for popstar DJ Khaled.

But she has also made a name for herself in the cannabis industry as an expert formulator of edible cannabis products for personalized medicine. She was featured in the Netflix original series “Cooking on High” and has worked as the Head of Production at a vertically-integrated medical cannabis facility in Las Vegas.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Chef Dee to get the inside scoop on the booming edibles industry. You can check out that interview right here.

Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve Cannabis Corp.

Kim Rivers is the brain behind Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (OTC: TCNNF), one of the most successful cannabis companies operating in the United States.

With the number of licenses capped at 35 for each operator, she was able to find a loophole in Florida‘s licensing restrictions that allowed Trulieve to exceed that limit, securing its place as the top operator in the fast-growing medical market.

She prides her company on being financially disciplined, unlike so many others that embraced the growth at all costs model, and that discipline has paid off.

Jane West, Founder of Jane West and Women Grow

Jane West is a larger than life figure in the cannabis industry.

She gained significant notoriety when she was fired from her day job because of her public endorsements of cannabis, landing her on the cover of the Denver Post. Then, when the SWAT team showed up to one of her 4/20 events, her iconic status was solidified.

In the wake of this publicity, Jane founded the women-focused networking organization Women Grow to “connect, educate, inspire and empower the next generation of cannabis industry leaders.”

Since then, she founded her own startup using the name recognition she’d built – fittingly called Jane West.

She’s been named one of the “most powerful women in the weed industry” and featured in InStyle’s “The Badass 50” list. Her name and brand are now synonymous with cannabis.

Interested in claiming a seat at the same table as startup founders? Here’s everything you need to know.

Trang Trinh, CEO and Founding Director of TREC Brands

Trang Trinh is the CEO of a new startup based in Canada, TREC Brands.

TREC stands for Trust, Respect, Equality, and Compassion – and this is exactly what makes Trang’s leadership special. She left her position at Deloitte, where she was managing mergers and acquisitions, to start this company because she wanted to create positive change in the industry.

Through her corporate responsibility program 10% for Good, Trang’s company donates 10% of its profits back to the community.

She is leading the charge when it comes to creating a positive impact. Watch my interview with Trang right here.

Rachael Rapinoe, CEO and Co-founder of Mendi

Rachael Rapinoe is a former professional soccer player-turned-entrepreneur who co-founded the athlete-focused CBD startup, Mendi.

Rachael has a true entrepreneurial spirit, and that is clearly reflected in the way her company does business. But what I really love about Rachael’s story is her advocacy.

“The acceptance rate of cannabis in the professional athlete circuit is through the roof, and it’s growing for the broader active consumer, too. People are tired of being pushed to unsafe methods to manage pain and recovery. Athletes and active people want to put the healthiest tools in their bodies…We still have a way to go to completely destigmatize the plant, but there absolutely needs to be a place for cannabis in sports.”

Along with her sister Megan Rapinoe, she is using her platform to destigmatize cannabis use for athletes while working towards equity and equal representation in the cannabis industry.

Check out our interview with Rachael here.

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And last but certainly not least, I want to give a shout out to another influential woman in the cannabis industry – our Franchise Lead here at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, Stephanie Bills.

Stephanie has been with The Institute since its founding and one of the driving forces behind this awesome community we’ve built. Thank you, Steph!

There are so many incredible women in this industry that I couldn’t possibly list them all. So I’m asking our Cannabis Profits Daily readers, who makes your list of the top women in cannabis?

Tell us in the comments below!

You never know, they might just be featured in my next interview.

Don Yocham, CFA

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


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  1. Hey Don – You may have missed a true pioneer in Beth Stavola of IAnthus. She was just recognized by a national organization as a true trailblazer in the Cannabis Biz. Just Sayin.

  2. I will have my name on that list before long. I want to be the best grower in the business. I will be on this list. I have a plan, and I am am actively working that plan. Remember my name…Lillian Tinsley.

  3. Nancy Moss is creator and owner of GRAM (Grass Roots American Magazine). Her magazine is amazing. Great articles. Great Magazine.

  4. With the interview with Ms.Trang Trinh CEO of Trec , I wonder whether WINK, Blissed or Thums up are under one brand or separate?

  5. how is this synthasized product going to effect our investments in cannabis companies and what will these companies produce now with this big hit .can we still make money after this announcement

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