This week’s Q&A is all about timing…

The flood of comments we’ve been receiving from our members over the past few weeks has been truly inspiring and I’d like to address a few of the most common themes.

Now, you know how much I love doing these Q&A sessions as videos, but like many of you, I’m working from home and my internet has a mind of its own.

I managed to cover a few of your questions in the video below, but I couldn’t get every answer recorded – so make sure you keep reading after you watch the short video to get the full story.

Bonus Q&A

James Y. asks, “I have had to stop out most of my cannabis holdings at big losses. Is it wise to buy back in now, again? I have confidence in the industry as a whole but I am confused as to when the lows will be. Any suggestions?”

Linda L. asks, “When will be the best time to buy in? And not having a lot of excess funds, how much do you advise to buy with $100 to $300? Or does it have to be more?”

Stuart R. asks, “Don, I would be interested in your thoughts regarding which of our portfolio stocks you would be targeting first for purchase when this whole thing bottoms out. Thanks.”

William G. asks, “When is the best time to buy more stocks? Now? Or should I be waiting for the freefall to stop?”

Steven L. asks, “I just signed up with your program. How does the coronavirus situation affect marijuana stock performance? Should I invest now or wait and see the outcome of the virus?”

Thank you all for your questions.

It looks like many of you are looking for the best moment to jump in or add to your cannabis stock positions.

And you all have the right attitude. The opportunity to get into cannabis stocks at incredible valuations is unprecedented. The market is giving us a gift.

I don’t think the time is right quite yet to jump back in, but I’ll be sure to tell you when I do. The broader equity markets could see even more losses, and cannabis stocks could trade down in sympathy.

For all of you wondering what the best cannabis stocks are to buy, my suggestion would be that you join NICI Membership. I’ll let you know what stocks to buy and when. You’re free to learn more about that research service here.

For James, I understand your frustration with stop losses. They don’t provide as much protection as you’d hope when the market gaps lower. They can be a great tool, but they don’t work well in all market conditions.

And I’m with you. I too have a lot of confidence in the industry and am excited about what’s in store for cannabis stocks.

For Linda, I can’t give personal advice, but I will say that it’s wise to only invest money that you know you don’t need for quite a while. These are long-term investments, and you don’t want to have to sell stock at an inopportune time just to cover expenses.

Maynard K. asks, “What about HEMP, should I stay, or should I go?”

Maynard, when it comes to Hemp Inc. (OTC: HEMP), I would go! A quick glance at their financials makes me think this is a typical penny stock operator. They issue stock like Santa hands out candy, and that stock usually lines the pockets of insiders at the expense of shareholders. There are much better ways to play the cannabis boom than companies like HEMP.

Well, that’s all for this week. Keep the questions and comments coming. And remember, keep looking forward.

Take care,

Don Yocham, CFA

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


16 responses to ““The Market Is Giving Us a Gift””

  1. I like the professional action you seem to have im just leery. I’m not rich but l would like to have alittle more. So l guess mine is trust

  2. Hi Don,
    Thanks so much for the continuous video updates…they are much appreciated! I’m wondering what you think about investing in Isracann Biosciences, Inc. (ISCNF). I have read a lot recently about ISCNF being a strong buy right now.

  3. My Cannabis portfolio is desemated but I’m not panicking. I’m in this for the long haul, I’m a big believer in the Cannabis sector. I’m taking the time while my value is way down, but the number of shares intact, to move from a regular IRA into a Roth. I did half last December (2019) and the other half this February (2020).

  4. Can you comment on these cannabis stocks as to whether to keep or sell?

    cvis, xxii, embi, flwpf, ithuf,
    cntmf, obtx, dxbrf.

    • Hi Gary,

      Executive Director Don Yocham believes Green Growth Brands will likely be acquired, but he doesn’t believe another company will pay much more for it than where the stock price is currently trading.

  5. Good Morning Don,
    There was some talk about CALIVA…. a pre IPO cannibus company. Might this be a good investment and how do you buy into a prestock company. We are newbies to stocks and need some direction from someone who knows the ropes. Also we are seniors, trying to make some extra needed funds. Any advice?? Thanks so much, we really enjoyed the video with you and Neil.

  6. I just want to say that in these uncertain times your quick updates and videos are awesome. Its important to stay informed and Don and the crew at NICI are coming thru for us with the information we need . THANKS

  7. Hi Don,
    I want to tell you what an outstanding job you are doing!
    You have brought tremendous leadership and vision to this service and your knowledge and business understanding shown your approach produces fantastic results. You are a big factor of why I am a member, You are the Real Deal and I am a big fan. The resulting growth of my wife’s and my Roth Accounts mean our retirements are secure and lifestyle will be dreams come true! Yes it can happen.
    Rick W.

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