Being a startup investor is part of the American Dream…

In 2006, a tiny company of three got its start in a small, windowless room in San Francisco.

They were focusing all their attention on solving one problem; small- and medium-sized event companies desperately needed a platform for ticketing that offered them more cost-effective options and greater reach than traditional avenues like Ticketmaster.

By focusing on solving a problem that so many organizations faced, Eventbrite‘s founder and CEO, Julia Hartz, was able to grow her small startup into a household name that employs hundreds of people across the globe.

From just an idea to nearly $300 million in annual revenue, that’s the American Dream in action.

Now, imagine you had the chance to invest in a startup like Eventbrite when it was still operating out of that small, windowless room…

Getting Your Piece of the Next Big Startup

We’ve received tremendous response recently from our latest briefing about cannabis startup investing.

If you haven’t yet, you can access it for free here.

We encourage you to read it all to fully understand Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) and the unprecedented opportunity it’s providing retail investors, but the point is that it now finally gives you access to the table, sitting right next to the top executives of the company.

And let us tell you…

Companies are hungry to raise money and the deals are pouring in.

Just like Eventbrite, one of the most recent companies we vetted for the Cannabis Venture Syndicate solves a very big problem for a massively underserved market.

Millions of parents and professionals would use cannabis wellness products but don’t because they are concerned about the side effects associated with cannabis. They can’t risk being too sleepy or anxious when they are in meetings or when they pick the kids up at soccer practice.

These folks need a low-dose, well-managed solution that can provide a balanced and consistent therapy.

The company we are featuring in our latest private deal is solving this problem as we speak, and its growth projections suggest it could be a major global cannabis wellness brand in just five years!

Our Cannabis Venture Syndicate subscribers are taking advantage of this incredible opportunity, as we speak.

You’re free to learn more about how to access the details on this deal and everything in the Syndicate pipeline by clicking here.

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