We may never see cannabis stock prices trade this low ever again…

Cannabis stocks have started to separate themselves from broader markets.

In the face of relentless selling for traditional stocks over the last couple of weeks, cannabis stock prices have rallied.

Just look at our proprietary NICI 50 index compared to the S&P 500.

Since March 12, the S&P 500 is down 8%, while the NICI 50, which tracks the 50 largest cannabis stocks, is up 11%.

And from last Wednesday, these top-50 cannabis stocks by market capitalization are up 30% in the face of a 2% decline in the leading large- cap market indicator.

While still too early to call a bottom, this tells me market participants are beginning to see the extreme value reflected in pot stock prices.

And given the defensive nature of cannabis sales, these discounted values look even more appealing.

Now, this is just a taste of how massively I expect cannabis stocks to outperform over the coming years. The big money will roll in with buying from a few savvy participants, like hedge funds, whose mandates allow them to buy cannabis stocks.

Then, more traditional institutions will get into the mix.

And when they do, they will be looking for these three fundamental keys…

The Next Big Buyers of Cannabis Stocks

Hedge funds, family offices, and institutional investors will be looking for the cannabis companies that:

  1. Invested capital prudently.
  1. Have positive cash flows and profitability on the horizon.
  1. Have the cash and credit to scoop up weaker competitors in what will soon be a flurry of M&A activity.

Companies like the ones I shared with NICI Membership last week.

We’re quickly approaching the turn and, these companies, along with several more, will outpace other cannabis stocks and the broader stock market over the coming year by a wide margin.

From what we’ve been hearing from readers, you clearly want to know what cannabis companies to buy and when.

For members of NICI Membership, you just received a trade alert on Wednesday morning, with several more to follow. For members of Cannabis IPO Insider, we’re starting our positions in several cannabis “blank check” companies.

And for members of the Cannabis Venture Syndicate, your private deal pipeline is bursting, with two new deals in one week.

I also want to take this time to let you know about a special Live Q&A session on Friday hosted by my friend and colleague, Neil Patel. I’ll be answering questions about legalization and much more.

Space is only open for 1,000 people, so I wanted to make sure you had a chance to register before Friday.

Don Yocham, CFA

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


11 responses to “Time to Act on the Cannabis Turn”

  1. Hello
    What is the minmimum $ amount needed to invest in this trade ?
    2. Who do i contact to set this into action?

  2. Hi Don, great information form the NICI on cannabis updates.
    I have a question concerning Village Farms, you know a few months ago it was recommended as a good short term growth stock for 2020 and it has been steadily going down ever since. Has VFF become a wanta be in the marijuana arena but needs to stay with veges? Why have they fallen so far, I can’t seem to find any information about why they can’t get it together. With 30 years as a grower I thought they would have a better start than most. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Fred
    Thanks, Fred

  3. Hi What is the minimum $ amount needed to invest in this trade ? and who do I contact to set this into action

    • Hey Robin,

      You will have to open your own online stocks account like ETrade, I use Fidelity.com.

      Then you buy the stock on your own online, thru your new acct. and after you buy, it will show in your online portfolio.

  4. Hi,My question are you waiting some of money to sending you,to participate cannabis trades,or you have to me amounts of money to takes shares of cannabis trade opportunities. Abdi Hirad Hersi

    • Hi Israel,

      You can search for the company you are interested in investing in by typing in its name or stock symbol. From there, you will just need to determine the amount of shares you want to buy.

      If you get stuck during any part of the trade, the customer service team at Charles Schwab should be more than happy to help you – 866-855-9102. They also have a customer service chat feature on their website.

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