When it comes to uncovering the next billion-dollar CBD brand, this could be the key…

Around the dinner table this holiday, surrounded by a heaping pile of spiral-sliced ham and roasted winter vegetables, you’re going to hear a friend or family member talk about CBD.

How it helps with aching muscles.

How it eases arthritis pain.

How it’s even helping the family dog stay calm during thunderstorms.

It may not seem like it, but this is invaluable market research.

In fact, it could help you uncover the next billion-dollar CBD brand…

Buy What You Know

You identified the potential in cannabis, which makes you an early-stage investor.

Companies are still growing and fighting to become household names.

Find out how to identify the winners from the wannabes in our free report, The Billion-Dollar Branding Opportunity in Cannabis.

Part of your job now is to keep your ears to the ground and always be on the lookout for free market research.

Maybe you overhear someone at the gym saying they bought products from cbdMD Inc. (NYSE: YCBD) because one of their favorite athletes is a brand ambassador for the company.

Or your aunt said she learned about the inspiring story of Charlotte Figi and added products from Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc. (OTC: CWBHF) to her cart.

Maybe your Uber driver mentions he’s about to stop in a Kroger after he drops you off to pick up CBD oil from CV Sciences Inc. (OTC: CVSI).

All of that is valuable.

You know what brands people are buying. Which products they’re buying and why. If they prefer full-spectrum CBD. And you’ll also hear about products they don’t like and why.

Of course, gathering these nuggets of knowledge gold is just one part of investing.

But if you or someone you know loves a product, tells everyone about it, and shouts the company’s mission statement from the rooftops, chances are, other people are buying it, too.

Remember that when people talk about buying an edible or an oil, there’s a CBD company out there making money.

You can own a piece of it.

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4 responses to “The Next Billion-Dollar CBD Brand Could Be Right in Front of You”

  1. Hybrid is the BEST. CBD and THC! Do not damage your lungs by smoking and vaping. TINCTURES and Edibles! NOTHING wrong with chocolates, cookies, drinks, gummies, tinctures…..!

    • i agree 100%, being a smoker myself for thirty years, both cigarettes and pot, i gave it up twenty years ago and feel fortunate to have healthy lungs today. Both my wife and i re-introduced ourselves to edibles about seven years ago due to the pain and insomnia associated with the aging process. i don”t think our daily lives would be the same without these products and i thank God we live in Colorful Colorado!
      James Luft

  2. Do you know if I can get test results of the cannabis THC levels of the growers who test for THC levels

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