The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our daily lives, but as folks adjust to life under lockdown we’re learning something very important about the medical marijuana industry.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic cities, states, and countries are taking more extreme measures to combat the spread of this novel virus.

Across the United States this week, bars, restaurants, theaters, and anything else that isn’t considered an essential service has either closed or has limited operations.

But in the wake of everything that’s going on, we’re learning something very important about the perception of medical cannabis.

The Pennsylvania State Department of Health, like many other state authorities, has requested that all places of gathering temporarily close. Medical marijuana dispensaries, however, were deemed an essential service.

They will stay open.

Speaking to MSN Money, a Pennsylvania Health Department spokesman explained dispensaries fall under the same classification as pharmacies.

That’s a strong endorsement for the efficacy and importance of medical cannabis.

Cannabis-Based Medicine Is Deemed Essential

Pennsylvania isn’t the only state making exceptions for medical marijuana, either. Numerous reports from local news outlets in Massachusetts, California, Florida, Colorado and more have noted their region’s dispensaries will remain open.

Just like other operating businesses, these dispensaries are taking every necessary precaution to limit the spread of COVID-19. Many are requiring customers preorder purchases for pick up or utilize one of the many available delivery services, like Eaze.

This is just one more proof point the medical marijuana industry isn’t a niche sector – there’s a ringing endorsement for the importance of cannabis-based medicine.

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P.S. As we unlock the full power of the cannabis plant, we predicted that we’re going to see the rise of two cannabis compounds – THCV and CBN. One study found that THCV could alleviate symptoms for those with Parkinson’s. For CBN, it’s being studied for its sedative effects and could be eventually used as a sleep aid. You’re going to hear much more about these chemical compounds throughout the rest of this year.


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  1. First of all I like the article. I have thought for a long time the medical benefits of pot were not getting enough recognition. Its about time.
    A request. Two of the investment categories are: Health & Wellness and Pharmaceutical. I am not clear as to the difference between the two. Can you help clear that up for me?

  2. I liked the article , But i know that not everyone has Insurance .We have homeless Veterans out there that survived there war physically but maybe not mentally. I feel if you Legalize It recreationally this would give access to everyone of age insured or not.

  3. So how did someone discover how cannabis is a great healthier is it to do with the brains reseptiors

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