Many of you are wondering whether Charlotte’s Web is worth staying the course for…

One of our members asked a very poignant question this week that I wanted to make sure got answered, as I know many of you are wondering the same thing.

Otto J. asked, “I keep thinking that Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc. (OTC: CWBHF) is at a bargain price. Yet each time I turn around it goes lower. Any advice on what is going on with it and will it ever turn back to anywhere its previous price?”

Thanks for the question, Otto.

Pointing to a reason why a stock price is down can provide a certain level of comfort. It’s hard to watch prices fall for a great company without a specific reason.

That’s what’s happening with Charlotte’s Web right now, and it reminds me of the tech boom.

There were a lot of wannabes that went public and went under.

But since that time, think of some of the blowout winners there have been over the years in the space – Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

I know you have all seen a version of this story.

With a $100 investment in Amazon’s IPO (considering stock splits), that $100 investment was worth about $130,000 on February 20.

Of course, there’s no straight line to success. Amazon faced its share of bumps along the way.

And that’s what we have with Charlotte’s Web. You’re an early insider with your investment, and you’re on a journey directly with the company.

Charlotte’s Web offers some of the best quality products in the CBD space, has an excellent management team, and the company has an inspiring backstory that the world will know.

Not to mention the fact that at The Institute, we firmly believe the CBD market is on track to outpace the cannabis market as a whole by as much as 15 times.

Now is not the time to bail.

Don Yocham, CFA

Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


37 responses to “Is Charlotte’s Web Worth Holding On To?”

  1. I agree. I am a consumer of their products and I listen to their earnings calls calls, so I agree they are a top shelf company. Don’s analogy to the tech boom is spot on. CW has tremendous installed base position in the FDM space, and once the FDA provides additional guidance for CBD CW is going up fast as they are a best of breed player in the space. They are my biggest position and I believe in CW.

  2. I have emailed CWEB 3 times asking why their products are not available on Amazon. Most every 1st timer looking to try CBD is going to look on Amazon. I did. Only because I invest did I find CWEB. I think it’s a huge missed market place. And they never answered me.

  3. I have had to stop out most of my cannabis holdings at big losses. Is it wise to buy back in now, again? I have confidence in the industry, as a whole, but, am confused as to when the lows will be. Any suggestions?

    James York

  4. Charlotte’s Web- Ticker:CWBHF -I believe that the stock will remain Volatile
    and at a low price until the FDA makes a Decision as to wether CBD is safe
    to use. However, even without a green light from the FDA the stock should
    bounce back to the $ 7.50-$ 8.50 Level from the current lows of $ 3.50 to
    $ 3.80 as they continue to significantly raise their sales and Earnings figures every quarter. Their products are not only available online but they
    continue to dramatically expand the number of retailers carrying their products from 2,500 to over 10,000 locations including Walmart, Kroger, CVS,Vitamin Shoppe, GNC ,Kohls, Sprouts, Aldi, and others. So I believe
    this is a good time to Buy CWBHF since the stock should easily double
    from here in the next few months. Certainly the Coronavirus has cut 30%- 40% of even Large Caps like JP Morgan Chase, Mastercard and decimated
    all travel and leisure as well as Energy and oil Stocks.
    even Big Cap Stock like Mastercard

  5. While on the same wavelength as Otto J., I am wondering the same thing about Plus Products. Here is a company that is floundering and I am wondering if this too is worth holding onto? Also, what can we expect to happen with a company like IAN which is currently trading for a penny?
    Hilton Wallace
    Selkirk, Mb Canada

  6. otto,allofusfeelthesamep-watchingour stocksgodown, butIbeleaveithatwearepartofa verygoodresearchteam and in time thingswillbe morepositive,its hard for me,because-like alotofususoourhealhetc.ispassingbyquickly.I accepted things


    iaccepted thingsIcan’t,IhavemorepatienceandIfeelcalmerI’mslowlygoingtopickafewgoodcheapCannabis

  7. Owning a stock is kind of like owning a gold coin, the price can and will go up and down but that doesn’t change the fact that you still have a gold coin, wait long enough and the price will change. Now if you think the company will be going out of business that’s another story………

  8. I think Charlottes Web will be around for along time I’m going to keep a hold on to there stock and keep buying more. Love reading all the information you give NICI.

  9. I feel like i want to sell it,should i keep buying,so my purchase price will be down!. what should i do,hold onto it,or sell it,or buy more at the lower price.Please give an advice. yours,
    Annamma T.

    • CW is one to hold on to. Buy what you can afford. I feel I’m not to give any advice I wouldn’t buy a sports car for a 100 dollar’s then turn around and sell it the next day for 1 dollar.

  10. if covid 19 attacks the lungs, people will smoke less cannibis….but as a cancer cure, people will buy more….which companies have the best anticancer products?

  11. I have small amount of CWeb but not at this price. Plan to buy more next week. Good stuff. Use it on everything that hurts.

  12. I have continued buying Charlottes Web. The whole market is down but I believe this one is a winner that will grow very large. Just find patience

  13. I have had to stop out most of my cannabis holdings at big losses. Is it wise to buy back in now, again?

    Best regards.

  14. CWEB just went under contract to buy Abacus
    a great company in the Parmaceutical Sector
    They have been a customer of CWEB for 5 years
    Great 👍 Pain relief product that will fit in with CWEB CVS ,Kloger,etc.
    Great match for the long run for CWEB

    • Hi Willie,

      You can think of cannabis as a blanket term. Marijuana and CBD come from the cannabis plant. The difference there is that marijuana contains THC which creates the feeling of getting “high,” while CBD doesn’t create that feeling but could still potentially offer health benefits.

  15. QThanks for all the good information, we use Charlottes
    Web CBD and will now buy a few hundred shares,👍

  16. I’m brand new investing and bought my first stock in the Cannabis Sector. I actually have 2 different company’s at the moment. ACB and Canopy Growth. Thinking about dumping both stocks tomorrow and scopping up stocks of Charlotte’s Web. Would this be a good move?

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