Find out what the future holds for Canadian producer, CannTrust…

Welcome back to our latest question and answer session with Executive Director, Don Yocham.

This week, Don is putting CannTrust Holdings (NYSE: CTST) under the microscope.

While it was never in our model portfolios, we do know a lot of our members may own it. With the prices hovering under $1, shareholders are wondering if there’s going to be a turnaround.

Is it worth holding on to?

Is it time to sell all of your shares?

Will CannTrust be delisted?

Will it be bought out by another company?

In this week’s video Q&A, Don is taking a deep dive to get to the bottom of things.

Now, it’s time to deliver the verdict on CannTrust…

The Future of CannTrust

Hear for yourself what Don had to say about CannTrust’s future in the video below.

And don’t forget to visit the comment section with any questions you’d like to see Don tackle.

They could be answered in his next session!

Take care,

P.S. CannTrust may be rated as a 1, but there are hundreds of other cannabis companies in the NICILytics database to explore – dozens of which could prove to be your next double- or triple-digit winner. It’s an invaluable tool that Don swears by – and one that every cannabis investor should have in their tool belt. Find out how you can gain access right here.


5 responses to “Putting CannTrust Under the Microscope”

  1. Do you ever see cannabis being legalize in the USA? We see Joe Biden as a possible Democrat challenger to Trump in the fall election. Biden sees cannabis as a gateway drug and Trump is not going do anything to promote cannabis! What are investors to do?

    • The conundrum is when all 48 continental states legalize cannabis! Then does a federal law effect the transportation of cannabis across state lines since a Convention of States in essence has been created!

  2. Eric Paul deliberately misled investors and profited by selling stock before publishing the bad news. So why hasn’t he been INDICTED?

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