Expanding into new states is just the first step in building an empire…

Yesterday, we talked about the importance of being a multi-state operator (MSO).

With full legalization on the horizon, a company needs to have its products on the shelves throughout the country. If a tourist buys an edible at a dispensary in Las Vegas, they will want to buy that same edible product in their home state.

But expansion is just the first step in building a great business.

Every cannabis company also needs a great branding strategy in a crowded space.

Just think about when you’re walking through the breakfast cereal aisle.

You are bombarded with options.

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To stand out, a company needs top-tier packaging that draws attention.

The company needs to make the benefits of what it is selling clear upfront.

The branding needs to convey a story.

That’s all easier said than done, as customers make decisions in a matter of seconds.

Because ultimately, with a great brand, you know one when you see it.

In fact, Executive Director Don Yocham just talked with the CEO of a promising CBD startup about building brands that will last.

You’ll want to hear for yourself what this industry insider had to say…

An Exclusive Interview With Mendi’s CEO

Recently, we used our connections in the industry to interview the CEO of Mendi, Rachael Rapinoe.

Rachael is a former professional soccer player and is now an entrepreneur, focusing on educating athletes about the potential benefits of CBD.

Her company currently offers massage oil, gummies, gel caps, and roll-on sticks.

It’s a very new venture – and small. Mendi recently completed an $800,000 raise, and Rachael expects that funding to get them through the next year. Don will be staying in touch with her to check in on how the business progresses and what funding needs may arise.

The full interview is available to members of Cannabis Venture Syndicate here, but the conversation about branding was so insightful, Don wanted to make sure all of our members could access it.

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Once you’ve watched the interview, make sure to download our free report – The Billion-Dollar Branding Opportunity in Cannabis.

It’s just one of the resources from the National Institute for Cannabis Investors that will help you make the most informed cannabis investment decisions possible.

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3 responses to “How to Cut Through the Noise With Expert Branding”

  1. Just a word of caution, when it comes to using CBD creams for pain relief. I just got fired from my job, because I failed a random drug test. Turns out that the CBD cream from, the company, CW, contains enough THC, to trigger a “failed” signal. This is testing performed for a nuclear power plant.

  2. I would think that if the state that you live in allows recreational cannabis then the companies you work for should not be allow drug cannabis testing.

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