Why more seniors than ever before are willing to give cannabis a chance…

Executive Director Don Yocham used to live in the gym when he was younger, spending five to six days a week working out. He competed in triathlons and he still likes to jump into a rugby game when he has the chance.

But as he’s getting closer to 50, Father Time likes to remind him of his age.

Each morning, it felt like he got hit by a Mack truck when he was trying to roll out of bed.

He couldn’t bounce back like he did in his younger days.

That’s when Don decided to try CBD.

It made a world of difference. From a faster recovery after workouts to experiencing less stress, Don has experienced firsthand some of the potential benefits CBD can offer.

And he’s not alone.

A new study found that the number of Americans ages 65 and up who use cannabis has increased significantly in the last three years.

You’ll be surprised by just how many seniors are turning to cannabis-based medicine…

Skyrocketing Cannabis Use Found Among Seniors

In a report published by The Journal of the American Medical Association, the number of folks ages 65 or older who smoke cannabis or take edibles is up 75%.

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The cannabis delivery company, Eaze, has also reported that Baby Boomers are spending around $95 a month on cannabis. That’s 53% higher than what individuals between the ages of 21 and 24 are spending.

This rise in cannabis use among seniors is the result of two things.

The first is the increasing availability of legal marijuana.

For example, doctors in Oklahoma can prescribe it for any condition, and states that haven’t had the warmest approach to cannabis legalization – Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana – could have significant changes to their laws in 2020.

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The other reason for the boost in cannabis use among seniors is increased education.

Some seniors think that they can only smoke cannabis. Others may remember unpleasant results from their youth from strains that were too strong or too weak.

Consistency isn’t exactly a priority for illicit sellers, so it’s no wonder consumers are having to be re-educated about cannabis use in a regulated environment.

And we’ve seen the same need for consumer education about CBD.

Education & Consistency Are Key

Today, more people are learning that cannabis can be infused into a gummy or extracted into oil.

Many dispensaries even offer patient education centers.

Take Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (OTC: PLNHF). In its Las Vegas Cannabis SuperStore and Entertainment Complex, wellness company dosist now has an exclusive space to inform shoppers about its dose-controlled cannabis therapy.

Dose-controlled cannabis therapy provides a consistent experience, and dosist happens to offer six targeted formulations:

  • bliss
  • sleep
  • calm
  • relief
  • arouse
  • passion

With increased access to safe, regulated products, in addition to enhanced education efforts, the number of seniors using cannabis around the country is only going to continue its upward trajectory.

Take care,

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4 responses to “As People Get Older, They’re Getting Wiser About Cannabis”

  1. I have used marijuana off and on for 55 years. I have enjoyed it. I saw previously ignored wood grain in my door for the first time. Food was DELICIOUS! A problem, Over weighting……
    Lately, I have multiple myeloma cancer. For sleeping and pain , I sometimes use CBD. I like hybrids – some CBD and
    My favorite stock: IIPR.

    some THC

  2. I have cancer too, had it 10 years ago, doctors gave me 3 months to 3 years. here I am 10 years later . Its back again it has mestasasized in the lymph glands, the stomach and the pancreas. I am using natural products and chemo, I. wish I could get medical Marijuana. I’m in NZ. I am determined to beat it again. Good luck to you with yours, I wish you all the best.my favourite stock is IIPR too, could do with a near term one so I could visit Canada and America.

  3. If you live in CA, the best medical tinctures are made by Rosette Wellness. Check out their website http://www.rosettewellness.com . I have tried many different tinctures over the many years that I have been using medical cannabis, and these are definitely the best. Harry Rose (the medicine man), the founder of Rosette, healed himself & thousands of others with his tincture formulations and they are the purest products on the market.

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