Significant changes to the NFL’s cannabis policy are on the horizon, which could have even larger implications for the industry…

Josh Gordon was one of the most promising talents in the National Football League (NFL).

Size? He has it at 6-foot-3-inches, 235 pounds.

Speed? His nickname is “Flash.”

Production? He led the league in receiving yards in 2013 with 1,646. The next closest player was Antonio Brown with 1,499 receiving yards.

He’s a freak athlete – one of those rare combinations of speed and strength that is almost impossible to defend. But his career has been derailed because he’s repeatedly violated the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

Ultimately, he’s responsible for his decisions, but the NFL has needed an updated policy on cannabis use for players for some time.

Well, it looks like league executives finally see the writing on the wall. The prohibition approach they tried with Gordon and other players will be a thing of the past with a new policy that could change everything.

It’s going to affect the cannabis industry in a big way, and I’m going to show you why today…

Potential Changes to the NFL’s Policy

Under the new potential policy, players would not be suspended just for testing positive for cannabis.

The policy would also reduce the number of players who could be tested and shorten the time frame of when the tests could be administered.

Instead of the current time frame of four months, it could be reduced to just two weeks, which would be at the start of training camp.

I’m happy the players will have more options than just opioids for dealing with pain. As an aging gym rat, I know what it’s like to wake up feeling like you got hit by a Mack truck after a tough workout.

I can only imagine the aches and pains NFL players deal with after each game.

But the bigger story here is actually about branding – and more specifically, influencers.

Cannabis Brands & Influencers

As sports leagues ease the prohibition of athletes using cannabis, you’ll start to see more athletes talk about how CBD and cannabis-medicine have helped them improve their performances.

They’ll sign on as brand ambassadors for certain companies.

Some athletes or former athletes will even start their own CBD companies.

See how a new bill is kick-starting what’s needed for the CBD industry to reach its $22-billion potential.

And that’s what will make big businesses more comfortable entering the cannabis market. I’m talking about The Coca-Cola Company launching a CBD-infused Powerade and PepsiCo. Inc. selling CBD-infused Gatorade.

After all, the athletes on their payroll will soon be allowed to use CBD products, so those two beverage makers will be looking for a way to cash in.

And when folks start seeing more CBD beverages on the shelves of their local grocery store, it will make the whole movement real to a lot more of those people.

CBD and cannabis will no longer just seem like a trend.

It will make them want to go out, research CBD stocks, and pay more for the shares you already own.

So what’re you waiting for? Now could be the perfect time to get in on what’s expected to be a $22 billion market in only three short years.

Find out how you can get started right here.

Take care,

Don Yocham, CFA
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors


6 responses to “What You Need to Know About the NFL’s Proposed Cannabis Policy”

  1. As a former NFL player I understand the evolution away from opioids to CBD . The 1980 decade was one of archaic brutality compared to the game of today. The league is finally beginning to take real care of the “ players “ lets hope they get it right the first time .

  2. My name is Abdi Hirad Hersi,i am following last two years cannabis presentations about financial and pharmaceutical companies in North America and all over world ,i am very pleasurable and interesting America cannabis summit beginning yesterday.

  3. Great article, I am a former college football player. But looking at the larger picture, Kentucky, the Bluegrass state, needs to embrace medical cannabis. The reason I say this is because Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky senator and leader of the Senate, is a roadblock to legalizing cannabis on a national level. Ordinarily, legalizing medical cannabis led to eventually legalizing recreational cannabis and McConnell has the President in his back pocket. Kentucky, the Bluegrass state, needs to embrace medical cannabis!

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