Athletes could create a new $50 billion CBD market…

Publishing is a tough business, and legacy publications like Sports Illustrated (SI) are looking for new ways to generate revenue.

It found its next big move.

In a partnership with Sentia Wellness, SI will produce a limited-edition “recovery cream,” and there will be a bigger rollout with more products later this year.

Some found that surprising, but it makes perfect sense.

As you know, the convergence of CBD and sports recovery is going to be a massive market. The sports medicine market is currently worth $6.6 billion and, in combination with the CBD, that’s just the start of how big things could get.

The fact is, Sports Illustrated has wisely identified a sector of the cannabis market that is going to become way more than just a niche.

And when you combine sports and CBD, you could have a $50 billion juggernaut on your hands…

Sports Illustrated Knows Where This Is Heading

As of 2015, Sports Illustrated had a total circulation – that is, the sum of paid subscriptions, verified subscriptions, single-copy sales, and analyzed nonpaid copies – of over 3 million.

That’s a massive built-in audience that is interested in sports, so the company already knows it can win over a few customers to try its CBD products.

The readers of SI may not put in the same hours at the gym of an elite athlete, but they would still buy products those athletes endorsed or saw in an ad in a sports-focused publication.

Get an in-depth look at the incredible growth potential of the CBD and sports recovery markets with access to this special analysis.

Also, here’s another reason SI launching a CBD line makes perfect sense – Sentia Wellness says it has partnered with CVS, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven, just to name a few retailers.

It has already done the hard work to get on the shelves of some of the biggest retailers in the United States, which ultimately cuts down on the work Sports Illustrated has to do.

It allows them to target the booming CBD market, a market that athletes are endorsing more than ever. And let’s not forget, the convergence of athletic recovery products and CBD could become a $50 billion market on its own.

As cannabis investors, we know better than most that cannabis is shedding its “stoners-only” stigma.

In fact, we’re even teaming up with legendary quarterback Joe Montana to show you what’s next for the industry in 2020.

As more people learn about the benefits of CBD, sales increase. It’s that simple.

Investors want to buy shares of the best CBD companies.

That’s why we’ve identified two CBD companies with massive profit potential – one of which could deliver up to 1,000% gains, according to our experts.

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  1. who could go wrong with joe montana. He is a winner.I lived in 49er’s training camp town, Redwood City for many years. Watched Joe and jerry rice practice their magic, lots of practice. It takes hard work we are fortunate to be helped by Joe and other experienced men and women. I know you guys can take cbd into the end zone many times.!

  2. I think CBD works better when combined with THC! I am talking edibles. No smoke or other lung-damaging products.

    When we talk about SI CBD, What are we mainly talking about? Edibles or rub on oils?

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