This week, Don answers your questions about cannabis banking, MedMen, and more…

Before he flew out to Miami, Executive Director Don Yocham wanted to make sure he could answer a few of the questions he recently received.

Let’s start with MedMen Enterprises Inc. (OTC: MMNFF).

Richard asks: What currently is your feeling about MedMen?

Don Yocham: I discussed MedMen in our Facebook Live Q&A event a couple of weeks back. Basically, I’m not a fan, even with Adam Bierman stepping down. Too many other U.S. multi-state operators (MSOs) are doing it the right way. The cost-cutting and management reshuffling going on currently aren’t enough to change my mind about the stock.

Editor’s Note: Lifetime members can access our full analysis of MedMen here and our stock rating for MedMen here. If you currently aren’t a Lifetime member, you are free to learn more about our stock-rating database system.

Aaron asks: Cannabis is legal in Canada, which means it is legal for Canadian cannabis companies to do business with Canadian banks. So, since that is the case, why are so many Canadian cannabis companies finding it so difficult to stay afloat financially?

Don Yocham: Hey Aaron – just because a bank can lend doesn’t mean banks will lend money to just any business. Banks won’t lend to an operator that is too far from profitability, or when solvency is a concern.

Mulikat asks: Is it only the people of America that can invest in this type of investment or can the people in the UK do the same even if the company is in America?

Don Yocham: Cannabis stocks are not limited only to U.S. investors any more than any other U.S. stocks are limited. I would check with your broker. If they don’t allow you to invest in U.S. or Canadian stocks, then you can look around for another broker. There are plenty that will allow trading of foreign stocks.

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3 responses to “Don Is Not a Fan of MedMen”

  1. So a follow-up to my question about Canadian banks doing business with Canadian cannabis companies. If profitability and solvency are the issue when it comes to banks lending money to cannabis companies then really how much is the Safe Banking Act going to help in the U.S. other than allowing cannabis companies to deposit funds and set up electronic payments, etc…? Most of the cannabis companies in the U.S. are unprofitable as well.

  2. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the Banking Act won’t help the sector because I truly believe it will but is it going to help companies who might be facing possible bankruptcy because they cannot borrow money here in the U.S. as much as in Canada?

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