CBD and sports, billion-dollar branding, and the booming medical marijuana market in Oklahoma are just a few of the topics discussed today…

This week in Cannabis Profits Daily, from the new connection between CBD and sports to Oklahoma becoming a quiet cannabis giant, there was a lot of exciting news.

  • What do you get when you combine the sports recovery market with CBD? A money-generating machine that could soon be worth $50 billion.
  • CBD shined bright at the Oscars this past weekend when CBD-infused beverages were included in the gift bags for the Top 25 Oscar Nominees. As you can imagine, the stars in that top 25 category were some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including favorites like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio! Find out how you too can get in on the Oscar-worthy CBD craze right here.
  • Nearly 5% of Oklahoma residents now have a medical marijuana card, and there are 15.6 dispensaries per 100,00 residents! These five companies are making sure they don’t get left behind by claiming a piece of the action.
  • In his recent Facebook Live Q&A session, Executive Director Don Yocham was asked about what company would become the granddaddy of all cannabis stocks 25 years down the road. Don’s Magic 8-Ball wasn’t working that day (we really do have one in the office), but he did say that he bets the best company will have great branding. That’s why he wanted to make sure you knew where to access our free premium guide – The Billion-Dollar Branding Opportunity in Cannabis.

Now today, we had to make sure you were able to follow along with Don’s step-by-step video on utilizing our property cannabis tracking tools – NICI 50, US Cannabis, and NICI Wellness.

It’s just one of the free resources that will add another tool to your belt before making your next investment…

The Power of the NICI 50

In case you missed it, Don released a step-by-step video about how to utilize the NICI 50, US Cannabis, and NICI Wellness indices, which are free resources available to you.

As a reminder, you can directly access the pages that show what stocks are in each index through the links below:

We suggest bookmarking them for easy access.

Now, here’s Don.

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