This is how you unlock the power of the NICI 50…

Each week, Executive Director Don Yocham likes to answer your questions. This time around, he wanted to discuss our proprietary indices because he knows a lot of our members are excited to learn more about them.

Through our website, you have free access to exclusive tools that you can utilize to keep track of the biggest movers and shakers in the cannabis industry – the NICI 50, US Cannabis, and NICI Wellness indices.

These give you an all-encompassing glimpse into how the industry is performing at any point in time. You can even compare past performances against recent results to determine the best entry point in an investment.

At a basic level, you can interpret the movement of the index just like you would a normal stock. An increase from the previous day’s close would put the corresponding percentage in green (gain), and a decrease results in red (loss).

And we know our members want to know more about how to utilize these tools.

Executive Director Don Yocham is going to walk you through exactly how you can access the stocks that are in each index right now…

How to View the Companies in the NICI 50

In the video below, Don is going to give you a step-by-step demonstration on how to check the NICI 50 to see the companies in the index.

For easy access, we would recommend book marking these three pages:

Underneath the chart on the page, you will be able to view all of the companies.

Now, here is Don with an even more in-depth look at how to add the NICI 50, US Cannabis, and NICI Wellness resources to your investing tool belt!

But these free tools are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re ready to take your cannabis investing to the next level, you need to see the type of detailed, rigorously scrutinized information our analysts have put together on over 200 cannabis companies.

Some big investors would pay up to $4,000 for the research our experts have compiled – but it won’t cost you anything close to that for lifetime access to our NICILytics database.

Give it a shot – find out how you can gain full access to the wealth potential inside the NICILytics database today.

P.S. For our next Q&A session, send Don questions in the comment section below and he will address as many as he can in his next report!


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