We’re letting you in on the best way to play the combination of these two multibillion-dollar markets…

As CBD continues its rise to prominence, more and more of its widespread applications are being uncovered.

Last week, you got an insight into one of these applications when we shared Don Yocham’s personal account of how CBD helps him bounce back after a hard work out.

But there’s much more to this story.

Firms are beginning to realize that CBD’s tie to athletic recovery goes deeper than just personal consumption.

Athletes, teams, and entire sports leagues stand to benefit from the properties of this incredible compound. And sports medicine and recovery companies are clamoring to create cannabis-infused products to meet this growing demand.

That’s why today, we’re giving our Cannabis Profits Daily readers access to a special analysis that’s typically only reserved for Lifetime members.

You’ll see just how much can be made from the combination of these industries…

An Exclusive Look at Global CBD and Sports Recovery Market Growth

Source: National Institute for Cannabis Investors
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As it stands, the $6.6 billion sports medicine market eclipses the $5.7 billion global CBD market.

However, the CBD market is set to deliver explosive growth over just the next 5 years – growing to nearly 10 times its current size.

With such explosive growth happening over the next few years, it’s no wonder analysts believe the CBD market could outpace the cannabis industry as a whole by as much as 15 times. Don’t miss your chance to get in on what’s expected to be a $22 billion market by 2022. Find out how you can get started here.

As mind-blowing as that is, the real story lies in the combination of sports recovery and CBD.

The two sectors are realizing the mutually beneficial relationships that can arise from creating CBD-infused products that are marketed towards recovery.

Sports recovery firms can get their foot in the door of an incredibly fast-growing industry. CBD producers can leverage the established operations and recognizable brands of sports recovery firms to get an early jump on the emerging market.

Such a combination can create a market of well over $50 billion!

The question is, which CBD producers have recognized this opportunity?

Some well-known producers are making their intentions known by acquiring sports nutrition companies and making partnerships with top athletes.

But that doesn’t tell us anything about the quality of these deals and overall companies.

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