For the cannabis industry to really take off, governments need to give it room to thrive…

Editor’s Note: This special edition of Cannabis Profits Daily is brought to you by 35-year Silicon Valley veteran and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist, Michael A. Robinson. Michael is a core member of The Institute’s Advisory Board and the Director of Venture Capital and Technology Research for Money Morning.

Some kind of legal marijuana is available to purchase right now throughout most of North America, but the majority of cannabis sales are still taking place underground.

My friends and colleagues at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors are right to emphasize this point because it shows the massive profit opportunity that is ahead as illicit sales turn into legal sales and, ultimately, profits for publicly traded companies.

In 2018, New Frontier Data projected that there was over $86 billion in cannabis sales in North America. As a reference point, only $10.8 billion of that was legal.

To make a dent in the illegal markets, you need two things. One is education. When more people learn about why it’s better to turn to safe, regulated, and legal markets, you send cannabis consumers to dispensaries instead of dark alleys.

And the second thing that will put billions of dollars into the pockets of legal businesses and push stock prices higher is this…

An Open Letter to Regulators

With about seven out of every eight dollars spent on marijuana in North America going to illegal sources, it’s clear that consumers are still turning to the illicit markets for some reason.

I would even go so far as to say that, beyond the traditional distinction between total prohibition, legalization for medical use, and legalization for recreational use, there should be another distinction between broad legalization and legalization that is so restricted that it holds back the industry from becoming anything more than a novelty.

I’m talking about giving cannabis consumers the options they want when legalization rolls out and taxing cannabis products fairly so there is no reason to ever turn to the black market.

For example, medical patients in Florida originally were not allowed to buy smokeable cannabis. If you’re terminally ill and find that’s the best way to consume medicine, then you should have had the right to do that the minute Florida legalized medical marijuana.

If you wanted to vape in Canada, you should have been able to do that when full legalization went into effect in October 2018.

Fortunately, there are signs regulators and politicians are finally getting the message.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

For example, in Oklahoma, doctors can prescribe cannabis for any medical reason.

And I think that Michigan is setting a good example for other states looking at recreational legalization. Not only is their cannabis excise tax limited to 10%, but their regulators have worked hard to support the industry in its early growth phase.

This is especially important because, according to The Wall Street Journal, politicians in New York are considering taking the initiative on legalization again.

Over the course of 2020, there are a lot of states that are looking at potentially relaxing their cannabis laws.

In fact, with 32 states approving medical cannabis and 70 cannabis legalization bills already in Congress, full federal legalization could be just around the corner.

And before that happens, you’re going to want to claim your stake in this $10.8 billion industry. Learn how with the only comprehensive guide to cannabis profit potential in the world.

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Cheers and good investing,

Michael A. Robinson


14 responses to “Legalization Done Right Is the Key to the Cannabis Industry”

  1. I see all the states are starting to pass it and except it when exactly do you think the federal government or wake up and discover the all the federal revenue that could be brought into the to the federal government level and if they were smart they would take that money from federal tax on cannabis and pay it straight to the deficit do not put the money in the general fund that way all Americans will benefit by paying off this deficit bomb

    • Hi Angela,

      To start out, you will need to open a brokerage account.

      These are all brokerage companies our members use, and their respective customer service departments will be more than willing to help walk you through creating an account:
      eTrade 1 (800) 387-2331
      Fidelity – 1 (800) 343-3548
      TDAmeritrade – 1 (800) 669-3900

      After that, you will need to connect your bank account to your brokerage account to fund it.

      From there, you can start buying cannabis stocks.

  2. Just wanted to thank Michael for bringing cannabis investing
    to my attention approx. 3 years ago. I did a great deal of research and learned a lot. At the time I didn’t realize how massive the industry was and will become.
    Once again thanks a lot.

  3. I appreciate NICI and thank you for the information given. NICI is, as far as I can find, the best place to get cannabis investing knowledge.
    Beginning in 1972, I have never purchased cannabis in a “dark alley” nor have I known anyone who has. Illegal cannabis is and has been purchased from the home of, or delivered by reliable sources known through the grapevine that is always there. This is not meth. In the same paragraph the idea is presented that “education” will lead to legal as opposed to illegal sales. My own take is that most people will purchase the best deal when it is presented to them. If the best deal is illegal, the majority will choose that one.
    Moonshine is hard to find because most of it is rot-gut and few people want it (excepting peach, which can be very fine, always commands a high price, and has become very hard to find.) This is why people buy legal alcohol. It is higher quality with many choices at fair prices.
    Here in the black market state of North Carolina our cannabis comes packaged and labeled at between $300 – $400 per ounce, trimmed and fresh, in air locked bags. It is nice to think that education will do the trick, but I’m thinking it is going to be pricing verses quality that turns the tide toward legal buying.
    I want to end by thanking Michael Robinson for all of the great insights he has given me. They are appreciated. Thank you.

  4. I’m with your ideology about legalizing and regulating this product.
    It helps so many people. I myself have Lung Cancer. I found this product to be very helpful and health for me to ingest. I use CBD creams and tincture. I so far have been in remission for 3 1/3 years.
    I wish we could all be on the same page. In my opinion the FDA is dragging their feet regarding the total legalization of Cannabis. All I hear on my end is that they need more research. Big Pharma is spending millions on keeping this out of the mainstream. or the FDA being paid off, in my opinion. I am 70 years old. I’ve witnessed the Federal Government using their own land for years. Let’s get this on a ballot and let the people decide. Thank you.

  5. Agree N know that the above comment is true. Education is a big factor in cannabis for legal companies to be able to overcome the restrictions that government has put in this industry that is causing the slowdown of sales. It is also true that you need to have multiple products on the shelves because cannabis doesn’t work one for all all for one it is a take as needed daily hourly Weekly N sometimes you don’t have to take it at all. But if you think of the trillions of individual people and if they’re on cannabis and they need to be able to dose it, you’ll never find a particular dosage…Although I have found an average. We all have different Endocannabinoid systems, chemistry make up. Some people smoke, some people Vape, The best way is to eat it And those watching their weight might just pop a mint. And if you’re really with it we can cater an entire meal or provide a daily plan. An Example goes like this…wake up in the morning and have a smoke, in the afternoon vape two tokes off your Vape and in the evening eat a delicious cake. It’s a regiment that we all have to discover in the education of how to use it is the biggest problem.
    While others can sit down to an entire meal or daily plan. Such as wake up in the morning and have a smoke, in the afternoon vape two tokes and in the evening eat a delicious cake. It’s a regiment that we all have to discover individually. the education of how to use it is the biggest problem.
    On another note the taxes are a major issue. And so you’re not buying it from back Alley’s but you’re buying it from pop up shops.
    Cannabis will find away no matter what because it’s God’s medicine and it was meant to be here to cure a mental illness as it has done for over Hundreds of thousands of years. It’s also God‘s weapon against corruption. It changes your perspective to see things peacefully. It can be used for just about everything. But beware your government is changing it’s terminology and wording in order to make it difficult to even patent your products. People really need to wake up and do the research.
    Right now it is all by design, the war on drugs the prison system slavery the pharmaceutical company A.k.a opioid addiction manufacturers. But to make a long story short. If you want to invest open up the accounts and just type in cannabis and then the stocks will come up do your research find the long term companies, look at the people behind the brands. See who has new trends. There’s a lot of products that can be made there is a lot of business that can be erected there is a lot of money that can solve problems and if everybody would just get with the system and planted Hemp N Cannabis the entire climate change would flip in a year. Cannabis moves faster than Lightning speed and yes that means faster than you, Tech companies. Now let’s talk currency. Yes, LA is “Weed Street”.
    But not at the current rate of exchange.
    Trade schools need to train a workforce, preachers need to preach, Community centers need to educate N do outreach. And governments need to start asking the right questions and get with a program for pre-apprenticeship. 2020 is the year for focus. And separate cannabis from schedule one drugs. Otherwise all of this will end up a dud.
    The culture of cannabis is about people not about money and that’s the reason why investors cannot understand and some companies fall hand over hand.
    Education is King, this country needs to get with the program, Because a change is coming… The rest of the world is standing by waiting to make trades and run our supplies.

  6. So now you know a little bit about what needs to be done and more to expect. Invest in cannabis, it is the future industry. Shout out to Michael and this is the best place to come to invest. Take my advice from a 26 year Cannabis Pioneer Vet.

  7. In Pennsylvania the dispensaries are charging $20 a gram for flower medicine and to me that is just pure greed. They charge 55 and $60 for a quarter of flower.
    Cartridges of concentrate are between 40 and $75 and are much more bang for the buck then buying flower and having to powder it so you can put it in a Vape pen.
    It’s pure economics and when the competition kicks in I think the most affordable product will win.
    Until insurance covers these things we are paying cash out-of-pocket and not everybody can afford primo medicine.
    Even the most reasonably priced products in Pennsylvania are good quality due to the tight restrictions.
    That’s where I’m gonna put my money.

  8. Can someone explain what I’m looking at to make sense to someone new to stocks. Example NICI 50 53.7 / 5.22%, US Cannabis 95.0 /6.91%,NICI Wellness 79.7 /008%. Help me I need some insight!

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