You can buy CBD in more stores than ever before…

It seems like everywhere you go – from gas stations to coffee shops – you can buy a CBD product.

And now, starting in select locations, you can find CBD creams, face masks, and ointments on the shelves of Dollar General.

The chain is selling over 20 products in 1,100 stores throughout Tennessee and Kentucky, with plans to expand to Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, and Vermont. Notably, Dollar General is starting its CBD sales in two states with very restrictive cannabis laws, but it also speaks to something we’ve recently just talked about – desire and demand.

A Middle Tennessee State University poll found that 81% of Tennesseans support legalizing some form of cannabis, and a Kentucky Health Issues Poll found that 78% of Kentuckians support the legalization of medical marijuana.

The support behind legalizing shows there is a desire for cannabis-based medicine.

But for a company like Dollar General to consider placing CBD on the shelves, it had to see that there was significant demand.

With CBD sales expected to reach $20 billion in just a few years, the company decided to put desire into action…

The Surging CBD Market

By 2024, CBD is projected to be a $20 billion market.

Many Americans have already discovered for themselves why this cannabis compound is becoming so popular, or they have at least done their own research to see what all the fuss is about. As you know from this report, Google searches for CBD are at an all-time high.

Now, Dollar General selling CBD is certainly newsworthy, but we’re here to show you the bigger picture.

Over the holiday season, family members were sitting down to dinner, watching football and basketball games, and keeping each other up to date with what is happening in their lives. Some of those conversations were about CBD.

How it’s helping with aches and pains.

How it’s relieving anxiety.

How the people we care about the most have been able to switch over from opioids to cannabis-based medicine.

And that’s why CBD sales are going to skyrocket.

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The use of cannabis-based medicine isn’t just a new craze or trend.

Cannabis-based medicine is helping people regain control of their health and giving them access to treatments that they should have always had access to in the first place.

Compounds from the cannabis plant are going to unlock a wave of wealth as more people understand that it is medicine – and that’s why we’re already starting to see big pharma salivate at the profit potential.

We’re just at the cusp of unlocking the true power – and profit opportunity – of the cannabis plant.

Happy National Hemp Day,

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      To start out, you will need to open a brokerage account.

      These are all brokerage companies our members use, and their respective customer service departments will be more than willing to help walk you through creating an account:
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      From there, you can start buying cannabis stocks.

  1. I have invested in a few CBD. company’s and they have been up and down on stock price . I stiil keep buy a few shares along. The way it’s sale at the stores a go in i just know it’s going to go full blast soon as everything with government doing there part. Thanks NICI for all you help.

  2. I was wondering if I could go through Charles Schwab since they purchased TDAmeritrade? Please let me know. Thank you for your kind attention.

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