You can’t miss what our cannabis law expert had to say about the SAFE Banking Act…

On January 10, I hope you were able to give my friend and colleague, Joshua Sanderlin, a warm introduction as the newest Advisory Board member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

As an attorney, Joshua is passionate about helping the cannabis industry move forward.

He’s been an active member of the Congressional Cannabis Working Group and the International Cannabis Bar Association, so his insight is invaluable.

Our members already have a ton of great questions for Joshua and we encourage you to leave a comment on this article, as it could be featured in his next audio report.

Now, many of you want to know more about how the 2020 elections will influence cannabis legalization. Others want to know more about reciprocity between states for medical cannabis use.

Today, Joshua is going to share all of those answers.

In fact, he even has an answer to what he refers to as the million-dollar question…

Cannabis Law Expert Answers Your Burning Questions

As you know, one of the biggest hurdles surrounding cannabis is legal banking.

Cannabis companies can’t receive traditional loans to grow their businesses, and they can have difficulty finding a bank that will safeguard their cash.

Being an all-cash business leaves dispensaries vulnerable. But one company is protecting those hordes of cannabis cash – and presenting a unique profit opportunity for you. Find out how.

One of our members wants to know more about the SAFE Banking Act, which would prohibit federal regulators from punishing financial institutions from working with cannabis companies that operate within state law.

So, when will we see the SAFE Banking Act pass?

Joshua says, “that’s the million-dollar question.”

In his audio report below, you can hear his answer about when the SAFE Banking Act will pass, as well as answers to your other pressing questions.

Take care,

Don Yocham, CFA
Executive Director, National Institute for Cannabis Investors

P.S. Here at The Institute, we’re proud to have some of the top cannabis experts in the world on our Advisory Board – including self-made cannabis millionaire, Danny Brody. As one of the pioneers of the North American cannabis revolution, Danny helped make $2.2 billion in new wealth for early investors. And today, he’s breaking down his three-step investing strategy for you in the Cannabis Investor’s Masterclass.


11 responses to ““We Are Still Trying to Change the Hearts and Minds on Capitol Hill””

  1. The question is how do you get McConnell and Crapo to set aside their personal agendas and allow it to be voted on? Someone like McConnell should not have the power to decide for everyone what will and will not get voted on!!!!! But he can if he wants and that is a disgrace. He can let that bill sit there forever without acting on it.

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if the people making the laws started considering the immense taxes that could be collected everywhere cannabis was legalized, ar at least decriminalized. Homeless cities or camps whatever you choose to call them could be cleaned up or disappear due to the jobs created. Like the sky high diner where you stop on your way home from work just to have a short one. So so many possibilities of what the legal taxes could do for America.

  3. Millions of people needs it n you can’t judge without walking in someone’s else’s shoes. Please act on the bill now

  4. The politically connected companies will win. (CGC, TLRY etc..) Our government will not approve the Safe Banking Act until they have starved 90% of the what they think are pothead run company’s. Issuing more shares, borrowing more money, sale leasebacks, re-negotiating/extending private loan terms. The reality is trouble for most and good news for a very few. Mitch will allow the Safe banking Act no sooner than 2022. Pick solid well connected companies that actually have stable revenue streams. No hype!

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