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We know we have the best members, and you send us a lot of important questions each week.

Of course, Executive Director Don Yocham is busy analyzing data, meeting with CEOs, and traveling across North America to uncover new profit opportunities, so he always has a very full schedule. That’s why, even as much as he wants to, Don simply can’t respond to each and every question that is posted.

But Don wanted to do a video roundup to answer a few questions that a lot of our members have been asking.

And if you don’t see an answer to a specific question here, don’t worry.

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The Top Questions of the Week

In this week’s Q&A, there are some great questions about Ionic Brands Corp. (OTC: IONKF) and Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB).

Don also has some great answers, which you can access in the video below:

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P.S. Many of you have asked how you can get started in cannabis investing without having a ton of cash on hand. Well, with fractional investing from Robinhood, you can buy cannabis stocks for as little as $1. Check out our free how-to article here to learn more.


22 responses to “Your Questions on Aurora and Ionic Answered”

  1. So as to Aurora stock…what happens if one is already invested in this stock…what is the best answer for this investment?

    • Is it best to buy several stocks or a few? Say you have $500.00 should you put it on one stock or more? This would be on penny stock mostly also.

    • what do you think about (Usmj) North American Cannabis and( pura) Puration Inc Com. I have bought from their website and the products are very good. Website is easy and takes credit cards. They are very cheap penny stocks. Would it be a good investment short term or long term.

  2. I would hope at some point Aurora either gets an infusion from big money. Say somebody like Coca-Cola or maybe even Pepsi,
    Or they just might figure it out. Either way I’m in.!!!

  3. Hello Don. I continue to hear good things about Green Growth Brands, but the stock continues to sink. Is this an opportunity to add shares at a discount, or are they (and I!) in trouble?
    Thanks for your reply.

  4. More questions:
    When are McConnell and Crapo going to drop their self absorbed agendas and push the Safe Banking Act through?
    It is said that Sproutly, SRUTF, has the holy grail when it comes to cannabis beverages in that they are able to produce a truly water soluble form of cannabis which is light years ahead of other companies who use nanoparticles and emulsifications and other non-water soluble forms of cannabis. So my question is why do we not here more about them?

  5. Hi Don, please let us know your thoughts on the following companies. Evio Labs, Isracann Bioscience, and Medicine Man Technologies. Keep up the great work. Thanks Joe.

  6. Is TRTC (Terra Tech Corp) in the same boat as Ionic Brands, or is there some hope for them? BTW, I really like this Q & A thing.

  7. I’m 88 yrs . I want to invest in the cannabis to make some money to give to my great great grans 17 of them. and my 12 grand children. I don’t know what I want the broker to do. I am completely lost can you help me. My bank broker was not familiar with narajuana investments. I need to know what to do. Lesson #1.

    • Hi Helene,

      The first step is to call a brokerage like E*Trade, Fidelity, or TD Ameritrade to start trading stocks.

      You can contact the customer service team at E*Trade through – 1 (800) 387-2331
      Fidelity – 1 (800) 343-3548
      TD Ameritrade – 1 (800) 669-3900

      They will be able to walk you through setting up an account and help you execute trades.

  8. Don,
    I’m going to hold on to CGC . They have too much capital in reserve and stellar management in place. Is a share buyback possible?? with the potential that 2020 offers in the space, you have not convinced me that taking a hit on CGC at this time is warranted. Im very open to being convinced otherwise

    • Still on the scene and still kicking. Biggest share holding is CGC -7,000 shares and 13 other companies. Have survived 2019 and hoping 2020 will treat shareholders with a little more kindness Thanks for all the good info.

  9. What is your analysis on Auxly? I’ve read some good things about the company and they stay low on the radar. Projected growth is huge this year

  10. I am really concerned with the over all stock market bubble I think it’s going to pop this year and I believe that cannabis companies will weather the storm at this point I am a little surprise at this sector.Why is the cannabis sector not exploding with the states and countries oversea’s legalizing CBD products?I would think this would be doing better then what it is could it be that there was way to much hype on this matter?

  11. I would like your opinion on ISCNF. I read an article that got my interest about a month ago and after the article I watched the stock shoot up fro .28 to around .55. A couple of weeks later it’s back down around .28. But I’m still interested.

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