Ignore the noise when it comes to legalization and instead, focus on the big picture…

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (NY-D) vows to legalize adult-use cannabis in 2020.

When it joins the recreational club, the State of New York is expected to haul in $3 billion in sales. Obviously, every cannabis investor wants Cuomo to make this happen and add another “green” state to the map.

Outside of Cuomo legalizing cannabis for his state, voters in New Jersey, Florida, and Arizona are anxious to get to their polling places and put a check next to “Yes” on their ballots for legalizing adult-use cannabis.

“Demand from the public for full legalization is growing louder, and a recent survey showed nearly 90% of Americans favor legalization. You will see politicians work to meet the demands of their constituents, and you will increasingly hear their intentions to force legalization in their states.”

That’s what Don Yocham, the new Executive Director, told the staff at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

And to unlock the real profit opportunities that lie ahead, cannabis investors need to see the forest for the trees.

That’s why Don wanted to make sure you read this one thing today…

The True Power of Cannabis Legalization

Legalization is very important to the progress of the industry, but it’s easy to get caught up in all the noise.

“New York legalizing cannabis is not going to send the MedMen Enterprises Inc. (OTC: MMNFF) stock price through the roof,” Don told us.

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What will send cannabis stock prices through the roof is money from the illegal market finding its way into legal markets. And all of that money coming in will lead to massive stock price appreciation.

So, while it is important that New York legalizes cannabis for a number of reasons, the bigger picture is that legalizing all cannabis use across the country and bringing money from the illegal to legal markets is what will move the needle.

It’s that simple.

New Frontier Data, a company with the mission to be the intelligence authority for the cannabis industry, projects that all cannabis sales in North America were $86 million in 2018.

Source: New Frontier Data

As a reference, legal sales in North America in 2018 were $10.8 billion.

That means more than $70 billion in sales were conducted in the black market. That’s a lot left on the table that should be trickling into the legal market, and that’s why legalization is so important for cannabis investing.

Ultimately, when companies are allowed to sell recreational cannabis in any state, those revenues will be reflected in incredibly higher stock prices.

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19 responses to “The Most Important Aspect of Cannabis Legalization”

  1. I totally agree. I lived in Denver from 2013-2018 and was involved in the “Pick and Shovel” segment. As with most things in Washington this will become a election issue. No one no is staking a claim to legalize it until the Dems announce their candidate for President. Then it will become a race to capture the millennial vote and this be part of their campaigns.
    Millennials only care about themselves and this is something they desire.

    • I think the over 65 crowd will be more willing to buy Cannabis if it is legalized nationwide. That takes the fear of being arrested out of the equation and the seniors will be more likely to buy.

  2. I would think these States would like to get the taxes they are loosing to black marketeers. This should get them moving to make it legal!
    They have stopped people from better health by keeping it from the public.

  3. Legalize cannabis ‘Now’ in all US states and allow companies in the US and Canada to sell here and around the world all forms of beverage, ediblis, RX, creams, pets, and any other form of this God given plant. I need it.

    Thank YOU!!

  4. With legalization, many changes:
    Less black market sales,
    More medical sales – CBD and other products,
    Food sales – for example, Bar-B-Que potato chips with THC,
    Recreational sales – for example, Diet Pepsi with THC.
    Research finding new products with 140 cannabods,
    Better living times 13!

  5. Hi Greg, Just a question about whether we should take our losses on Canapy Growth now!!! or should we let it loss more before we here from you as to where Canapy is heading. I know you will not show this concern of many of the investors who as I took NICI’s advice to invest in Canapy but we would like to know what you think. Thanks

  6. Hi Greg, Just a question about whether we should take our losses on Canapy Growth now!!! or should we let it lose more before we here from you as to where Canapy is heading. I know you will not show this concern of many of the investors who as I took NICI’s advice to invest in Canapy,but we would like to know what you think. Thanks

    • Hey Steven,

      I really don’t think that Greg replies very often on this site. I don’t think there is a sell rating on Canopy Growth. A lot of people are feeling the downturn with Canopy but NICI also suggests investing in Constellation Brands who is the major investor in Canopy and will own approx 51%. Hang in there, only invest only what you can lose but this company won’t be down for too long.

  7. My thought that everyone got a little to excited and promoted the weed stocks and drove them up also CEOS fabricated how great they were doing then reality came in with earnings and lost big time plus there needs to be so much testing and research mixed thinking and everyone selling CDB out of their garages and gas stations etc. Let’s get ironed out and get the FDA on the right track!

    • Hi Judy,

      To start out, you will need to open a brokerage account.

      These are all brokerage companies our members use, and their respective customer service departments will be more than willing to help walk you through creating an account:
      eTrade 1 (800) 387-2331
      Fidelity – 1 (800) 343-3548
      TDAmeritrade – 1 (800) 669-3900

      After that, you will need to connect your bank account to your brokerage account to fund it.

      From there, you can start buying cannabis stocks.

  8. What would be great would be if we had a congress and House that would do one third of what they are getting paid to do. The democrats could care less about you as a tax payer unless you are giving them money. and the Republicans are scared to death of the loud mouth democrats, so nothing gets done and we just get ripped off. Vote for any new person running for congress or the house, it takes a while for them to become crooked and start stealing from the tax payers. We have not had a congress in three years or more now or we would of already had cannabis legal in all states.

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