Our Advisory Board just got even stronger with the addition of a top cannabis law expert…

The promise of America has always been life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Even before that declaration was put into writing, two of our earliest presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, upheld those values as lawyers, defending personal liberties.

They did it not only to help individuals, but to further the greater good of society.

With that in mind, we are proud to announce that Joshua Sanderlin is the newest Advisory Board member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

Joshua is an attorney and government affairs expert with 15 years of experience in regulatory law and public policy.

He has extensive experience advocating for clients before all three branches of the federal government.

Joshua has also served as counsel to cannabis companies and startups facing varied challenges related to licensing, finance, and corporate governance.

As part of his commitment to driving the cannabis industry forward, Joshua has been an active member of the Congressional Cannabis Working Group and the International Cannabis Bar Association.

And thanks to our newest Advisory Board member, you’re going to have exclusive access to his expertise when it comes to cannabis laws and legalization efforts.

In fact, he already has a few thoughts on President Donald Trump saying he can ignore medical marijuana protections…

What to Make of President Trump’s Latest Cannabis Comments

Near the end of December, President Trump attached a statement to a funding bill that he signed into law.

“Division B, section 531 of the Act provides that the Department of Justice may not use any funds made available under this Act to prevent implementation of medical marijuana laws by various States and territories.”

Joshua is a cannabis legalization expert and is here to answer your questions. Leave a comment!

He then added that “My Administration will treat this provision consistent with the President’s constitutional responsibility to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.”

Many have worried about that additional statement, wondering what exactly it will mean for cannabis investments.

Today, Joshua is going to cut through the jargon and get to what you really need to know.

As you’ll learn, “the sky isn’t falling.”

Listen to what Joshua had to say.

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10 responses to “Welcome Joshua Sanderlin to Our Advisory Board!”

  1. I join the WELCOME TEAM. I look forward to your podcasts and the info that you will be sharing with us. Thus far, what we are learning is very valuable from all of this group. Thanks

  2. Hi Josh,
    Welcome to the board! Your legal analysis at both the Federal & State levels is much needed and very welcomed, as we like to say “When laws pass, cannabis stocks soar”! Regarding President Trump (who I regard as one of the most calculated to hold the office in my lifetime), I believe his admins war on opioids will create an opportunity (open the door) for cannabis treatments to help replace these deadly & addictive opioid drugs, at least at the medicinal level, which over time may lead to a “reclassification” of marijuana at the federal level (down from its current schedule 1 status). This I believe would be akin to a Federal Legalization, as Trump will continue to allow States to pass their own laws in regards to MJ. I was also very surprised to see MLB recently remove MJ from its banned substances list(much of that decision was based on the opioid death of young Angels pitcher Ricky Skaggs), which I believe will lead other pro sports orgs to follow suit. With sports as such a huge part of American culture, this will help usher in even greater acceptance Nationwide for recreational MJ as a therapeutic option for nagging aches & pains (such as what athletes typically suffer with). Lastly when it comes to States, I believe we were all excited to see such huge opening numbers in Illinois, and NY & NJ going full rec almost simultaneously will really be a huge shot in the arm of the entire cannabis industry. I am a Florida resident, and am getting the sense that FLA will be not too far behind in a recreational legalization, as our Conservative but open minded Governor (Ron Desantis) searches for additional tax revenue streams while protecting our Non-State Tax designation. I strongly agree with your assessment that 2020 will be a very exciting year for the Industry as a whole. Looking forward to hearing more from you moving forward.
    Regards & Happy New Year!

  3. Cool Beans Josh, Thanks for the insight. I also remember a comment Trump made a while back saying he was going to legalize MJ after the election. Do you know if that is still in the works??

  4. Welcome Joshua!

    I am a MD who began college in 1972 as the Viet Nam war was winding down. One of my first week experiences as an 18 yo freshman was exposure to a group on campus called NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). They were collecting signatures to attempt to free a young man from a ten year prison sentence for possession of a single joint.

    We have come a long way since then but I remain surprised that:
    1) marijuana continues to hold federal illegal status more serious than alcohol laws,
    2) that marijuana and its derivatives are still not approved on the federal level except for a single drug to treat a couple of types of epilepsy (as you know it is federally illegal in all states even for CBD),
    3) that FDA classification still has marijuana in the worst category which includes heroin and LSD and meth, and
    4) that countries other than the USA have legalized, marketed and lead the world into the future.

    I hope Federal change comes soon. I believe there are many more patients who can reap the benefits of medical marijuana research and development. One large group that needs looked at is the US military veterans and others who suffer from PTSD. I am a former Iraqi combat surgeon from the first Gulf War.

    This election year I hope we receive guidance for our votes with regards to the issue of Federal legalization.

    Thank you!

  5. Welcome Josh! I live in conservative deep-red Alabama. There has been rumblings of a medical cannabis bill but that is all. Is there any chance in the future that we could get full legalization?

  6. My mindset was 180 deg. on MJ legalization.
    Now that I have seen and understand, I am in favor of the Federal Government fully legalize MJ.

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