As promised, today we’re revealing one cannabis stock all our members need to know about in 2020…

Editor’s Note: You’re hearing a lot from us right now about mergers and acquisitions – and this topic is one that you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with as Phase 2 of the cannabis market ramps up. That’s why we’ve dedicated a whole chapter of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap to M&A activity. This information is invaluable to the serious cannabis investor. Learn how to pick your copy up now.

We started the week by talking about cannabis investing strategies.

Specifically, about why we buy cannabis stocks in stakes.

Yesterday, we sent you a special report about one of the biggest trends to watch in 2020 – mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

In that report, we promised to send you a video analysis about one company that is an important part of that M&A storyline. This is a Colorado company that made seven acquisitions in September 2019 alone.

It’s estimated that Colorado will record $1.6 billion in cannabis sales for 2019, making this is a crucial market to be in with the right strategic plan.

And the company we’re going to talk about today could become one the largest vertically integrated cannabis operators in North America.

With all its planned acquisitions, it will have some of the best-selling brands in Colorado in its wheelhouse, one of Colorado’s largest edible manufacturers, 33 new dispensaries, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing and research and development lab.

So, without further ado, this is the company you’ve been waiting for…

Medicine Man Technologies Is a Top Pick

Medicine Man Technologies Inc. (OTC: MDCL) is a United States-based cannabis consulting service and technology company located in Denver.

It’s a small company with a market cap of less than $110 million, which is why we haven’t added it to any of the model portfolios.

Back in April, we covered what Phase 2 of the cannabis market might look like. See how “Merger Mania” could cause your cannabis stocks to soar.

If too many of our members rush in and buy this stock all at once, inevitably, some may buy in at the top.

In that case, the price would fall, and many would end up disappointed that they are sitting on an early loss.

For those who are really in this for the long haul, take your time!

The video report below was first sent to our Lifetime members in October 2019.

After watching the video, click here to learn more about how you can receive video profiles on companies each month and access our proprietary rating system.

We’ll talk to you soon,


22 responses to “How to Profit From the Massive Wave of M&A Activity in 2020”

    • Overproduction in pot and too high taxes in legal products,so no competition for the black markets, very poor management in most of these companies even the bigger ones like CGC,but things are changing replacing poor delivering overpaid management and too many cases of fraud in several pot companies. ACB needs a big company to invest big money or they could go broke soon .

    • I also bought aurora cannabis stock ACB and lost my a.., Its down to $1.65 from $7.00 when I got in. Should I sell or hold out?

    • There is overproduction in pot and huge mismanagement going on in this idustry ,many pot stocks will go broke and the survivors will emerge from the mess . The correction could last a bit longer because the results of all pot stocks are very poor,if or when legislation in the US will come then we will see a huge bounce in these stocks even the lousy companies will soar but then get rid off the poor delivering stocks and go for the survivors.

    • Poor results in profits is dragging down this stock,altough revenue is ok still a bit profits while most of the pot stock lose money so this is one of the best but still overpriced,start buying -$5/sh and accumulate,if really want to buy a small stake to start is ok

  1. I too believe it is time to produce profits. All the smooth talk has done is decimate my portfolio…time to put up or shut up

  2. From all the comments I read it seems to me that most of these investors want…
    A) immediate results
    B) no risk
    C) lack the understanding that Cannabis is still in a very early long term growth phase.
    D) place too much of their portfolio in Cannabis.
    As a retired 65 year old who started investing in my 20’s I have a balanced portfolio with 80% of my capital in dividend / dividend growth stocks and 20% in growth trend opportunities such as Cannibas, 5G, AI and specific Biotech!

    I recommend you re-evaluate your investment goals and approach for attaining wealth.

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